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POPULATION: 200K   CITIES: Bellownsonie   TOWNS: Prottermon, Andian   VILLAGES: Bulled, Rapector  
  Sier, the silver-tongued crown jewel of Mersi, stands as a testament to diplomacy's power, exemplifying the saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword." The House of Aɪ̋k, Sier's ruling elite, are ardent aesthetes. Their deep appreciation for the arts and culture reflects in every aspect of their rule, from the magnificently decorated public buildings to the beautifully landscaped parks and the vibrant festivals that dot the calendar.   Their capital, Bellownsonie, boasts stately architecture that mirrors the cultural richness of the ruling house. Known as the 'City of Music,' its streets are filled with the melodious strains of street performers, while theaters and opera houses contribute to a thriving music scene that rivals the great cultural centers of the continent.   Prottermon, the prominent town in Sier, is home to the renowned Aɪ̋k Academy of Diplomacy. Founded by an ancestor of the current ruling family, the Academy attracts students from around the continent eager to learn the delicate art of diplomacy. The town is known for its stately buildings and meticulously maintained parks, reflecting the House of Aɪ̋k's deep appreciation for aesthetics.   The town of Andian, although smaller, holds an equally significant role. It is the traditional site for negotiations, the 'neutral ground' where diplomats from various nations come together to forge alliances, resolve disputes, and build relationships.   The villages of Bulled and Rapector, while small, embody the spirit of Sier. Bulled is known for its annual Artisan Festival, showcasing a myriad of traditional crafts, while Rapector is famed for its bustling book market, a testament to Sier's intellectual heritage.   Amongst Sier's famous sons and daughters, three figures stand tall. The illustrious Lady Deleth Aɪ̋k, a diplomat of unmatched skill, whose negotiation of the Truce of Three Nations is still taught in diplomacy schools worldwide. Sir Ronen Elof, a celebrated painter known for his landscapes that capture Sier's beauty with breathtaking realism. Finally, the enchanting Celia Ivarene, a soprano from Bellownsonie whose voice has graced the grandest stages and won hearts across the continent. Together, they personify Sier's ethos - a marriage of artistry, intellect, and diplomacy.

Crest of the House of Aɪ̋k



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