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POPULATION: 900K   CAPITAL: Tronfurro   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Trusine, Frinnuls, Andian, Peliciper, Ersarderin   VILLAGES: Chammake, Citill, Endeod, Derlif, Weslug  
  Hioph, the proud capital territory of Mersi, bears the heart of the nation in its vibrant city of Tronfurro. Nestled along the serene River Tamagrine, Tronfurro pulses with an unyielding spirit of camaraderie and unity. The city is known for its beautifully preserved architecture, whispering tales of ancient grandeur and modern elegance alike. The Royal Plaza stands as the city's crowning jewel, where celebrations and festivals are held, showcasing Mersi's rich culture and welcoming disposition. Among its famous sons and daughters, Tronfurro is the birthplace of renowned sculptor Bren Ilmrit, whose works adorn the Royal Plaza and are admired far beyond Mersi's borders.   Situated northwest of Tronfurro, the town of Trusine has made a name for itself with its bustling marketplace. Trusine's trade square hums with activity as artisans, predominantly from the Ɪ̀hyò ethnic group, display their exquisite craftsmanship, giving the town a unique character. Notably, Trusine is also the birthplace of the current Queen Mzȕke, whose humble beginnings are proudly shared by the town's inhabitants.   The serene town of Frinnuls, located south of Tronfurro, is known for its beautifully terraced vineyards that slope down to the Tamagrine. The region's fertile soil and mild climate are perfect for cultivating unique grape varieties, producing wines that are celebrated throughout Mersi. Frinnuls also hosts the annual Wine Harvest Festival, drawing oenophiles from near and far to partake in the joyous event. Famous wine connoisseur Elbin Fronha, known for his palate and expertise in Mersi's wines, hails from this charming town.   Ersarderin, on the eastern edge of Hioph, is famous for its unique tradition of paper lantern-making. The sight of hundreds of lanterns lifting into the evening sky during the annual Light Festival has earned Ersarderin a place in Mersi's postcards. The town is also home to the celebrated lantern artist, Ileth Drunrin, who designs the royal lanterns displayed in the festivals in Tronfurro.

Crest of the House of Yőmpɵ̋



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