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The Ɪ̀hyò people, sharing the same sun-kissed olive skin and taller stature with their fellow Sivor-speaking Leː̏ma neighbors, reside in an interstitial space of both familiarity and distinction within the society of Mersi. The two exist in a symbiotic relationship, the Ɪ̀hyò often seen as the more resilient counterpart, possessing an undeniable grace under pressure. Their culture and societal patterns have been sculpted by an understanding of their diminished place in the national social hierarchy, which they acknowledge more with a sense of acceptance than resentment.   Occupying the foundational tiers of Mersi's economic structure, the Ɪ̀hyò are recognized for their deft skill in primary vocations such as farming, fishing, and other resource gathering professions. They are the backbone of the nation's daily sustenance and economy, demonstrating an intimate understanding of land and sea that is both practical and almost poetic.   Culturally, the Ɪ̀hyò weave a vibrant tapestry of unique arts, music, and folklore. Their crafts tell tales of resilience and harmony, their music rings with the echoes of the sea and the whispers of the fields. Each ritual, each festival, each gathering is a testament to their unique identity, setting them apart from the more urban, professional aesthetics of the Leː̏ma.   The strength of the Ɪ̀hyò community lies within their familial bonds and mutual aid. Large, closely-knit families are common, with every member contributing towards the betterment of the collective. This sense of unity and cooperation also extends to their neighbors, reinforcing a strong network of mutual support that prevails even in times of hardship.   Ɪ̀hyò cuisine reflects their lifestyle and vocation, a rustic yet rich gastronomic repertoire that is both hearty and satisfying. Their dishes primarily consist of locally sourced produce, fresh seafood, and other resources gathered through their diligent work. An Ɪ̀hyò feast is a celebration of the earth and the sea, a harmonious blend of flavors that is a testament to their closeness with nature.   Religion among the Ɪ̀hyò is deeply ingrained and slightly varied from their Leː̏ma counterparts. They follow the Congregation of the Ascended, but their spiritual practices often reflect their own unique interpretations, including a more nature-centric focus and possible elements of ancestor worship.   The Ɪ̀hyò people live with a quiet acceptance of their social status, their resilience forged not in rebellion but in the harmony they maintain with their surroundings. Their culture, their work, and their community spirit all contribute to the rich diversity of Mersi, a testament to their endurance and grace under the pressure of subtle social subordination.

Cover image: Lupine Field by Jaykhuang


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