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Imposing yet alluring, the Leː̏ma, indeed, stand out among the populace of Rela, their towering stature imbuing them with an aura of natural authority. The warm hue of their olive skin, combined with their elegant physical attributes, often conjures an image of sun-kissed wheat fields, swaying gracefully in the breeze, a poetic tribute to their landlocked country of Mersi. Their eyes, a rich assortment of hues, from the deep amber of ancient tree resin to the dusky green of a forest at twilight, are often likened to the mesmerizing landscapes that dot the nation.   Believers in beauty and harmony, the Leː̏ma manifest their love for aesthetics in every aspect of their life. The simplest of their homes are elegantly adorned, often with flowers picked from their own gardens, fostering a serene atmosphere that mirrors the tranquil meadows of their homeland. Their love for balance extends beyond mere aesthetics, seeping into their daily lives, their professions, and their relationships. They believe in striking the perfect equilibrium between work and pleasure, ensuring that their lives resonate with contentment.   The Leː̏ma are known for their industriousness and prosperity. They have their hands in various professional fields, from skilled blacksmithing, weaving, and apothecary practices to mercantilism and scholarship. This affluence, combined with their penchant for balance and beauty, is thought to contribute to their reputation as a generally wealthy culture. Other Relans periodically begrudge how good and idyllic their lives seem to be.   Their relationship with the closely related Ɪ̀hyò is cordial, albeit subtly nuanced with an underlying sense of hierarchy. They treat the Ɪ̀hyò with respect and goodwill, but there is an unspoken consensus that the Ɪ̀hyò do not quite meet the Leː̏ma standard of excellence. This delicate distinction, rather than resulting in open conflict, seems to be accepted and internalized by both ethnicities, hinting at a complex tapestry of historical interactions.   Family values are held in high regard among the Leː̏ma, with the family unit being the cornerstone of their society. Parents imbue their children with their love for beauty and balance, creating a continuity in their cultural identity. Their cuisine is a flavorful palette, drawing from the diverse produce of their land, and their communal meals often turn into joyful gatherings where stories are shared and bonds are strengthened.   This blend of beauty, balance, and prosperity, combined with their distinct ethnic traits and rich cultural practices, paints a vivid portrait of the Leː̏ma, a people as fascinating and diverse as the land they call home.

Cover image: Lupine Field by Jaykhuang


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