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POPULATION: 400K   CITIES: Palawl, Bellisk   TOWNS: Summeterdaire   VILLAGES: Gleisiseles, Scordaka  
  Softly lapped by the waters of Lake Caphendras, Palan is a territory that blends tranquility and drama in equal measure. Holding the reigns of power is the House of Űzɵ̏k, a lineage steeped in a deep and dark past. Legend whispers that the original Űzɵ̏k, in his quest for power, struck a forbidden pact with a dark entity. The echoes of this past reverberate in the solemn faces of the House's current members, each one carrying the weight of their ancestral legacy with a stern dignity.   The capital city, Palawl, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Palan, is a bustling trade hub known for its vibrant marketplace and artisanal crafts. Its cobbled streets and moss-covered buildings lend the city an ageless charm, and it is not uncommon to see traders from far and wide haggling over exquisite Palanese lace or fine metalwork.   Bellisk, resting on the shores of Lake Caphendras, is a city that thrives on the bounty of the lake. A local festival, 'The Blessing of the Waters', sees the entire city come together in a grand celebration to thank the lake for its abundance. This event, resplendent with music, dance, and delicacies, paints the city with a joyous spirit that lingers long after the festival concludes.   The quaint town of Summerterdaire is known for its fragrant lavender fields, which bloom in a vibrant purple haze during the summer months. The sight of the fields at sunset is a spectacle that attracts visitors from across the continent, filling the air with a sweet, calming scent that lingers in memory long after one departs.   The villages of Gleisiseles and Scordaka, nestled deep in the verdant countryside, are cherished for their pastoral charm. Gleisiseles is famed for its goat cheese, with traditional recipes passed down through generations, while Scordaka is known for its annual Summer Solstice Fair, a riot of colour and gaiety.   From Summerterdaire comes the famed Elan Siolde, a renowned harpist whose melodies capture the soul of Palan and resonate far beyond its borders. His compositions, imbued with the beauty of the lavender fields and the serenity of Lake Caphendras, have become a staple of Mersi's cultural identity. His fame brings a sense of pride to the people of Summerterdaire, further enhancing the allure of this enchanting town.

Crest of the House of Űzɵ̏k



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