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POPULATION: 200K   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Bobowspall, Samulanth, Bulbural   VILLAGES: Noussin, Stristlewdle  
  Within the charming bounds of Kittert, nestled comfortably against the border of Rello, resides the esteemed House of Mlie̋pr. They hold dominion over this territory with a benevolent and wise grip, demonstrating the art of noble governance through their fair policies and active engagement with the community. The family's lineage traces back to the era of The Plague Years (1212-1112), with tales of their ancestors leading the region through the turbulent times still recounted with reverence around warm hearths. They have continued this legacy of care and stewardship, earning their subjects' unwavering respect and loyalty.   Bobowspall, the largest town in Kittert, sits in the shadow of the breathtaking Mount Diolma. An annual festival dedicated to the mountain deity is hosted here, with residents and visitors adorning themselves in vibrant attire and participating in a mesmerizing torch-lit procession. Bobowspall is also home to the world-renowned horticulturist Silda Drun, who has pioneered techniques in cultivating hardy alpine flora.   In the heart of Kittert lies Samulanth, famed for its soothing hot springs. These springs are not just a sanctuary for relaxation; they're a hub for social gathering and community bonding. Samulanth also boasts the presence of notable thermal physicist Ceres Olma, who has extensively studied the region's geothermal phenomena and has authored numerous papers on the topic.   Bulbural, known for its flourishing dairy industry, nestles against Kittert's rolling hills. The town's creamy cheeses and rich yogurts are beloved across Mersi. The dairy maestro Jolan Mlie̋pr, a distant cousin of the ruling house, hails from Bulbural. He's made a name for himself with his innovative and exquisite cheese flavors that have reached the tables of the royal house.   The serene village of Noussin is often likened to a picturesque painting, with its cobblestone paths and quaint cottages. Known for its thriving beekeeping tradition, the village produces the finest honey in the territory. Stristlewdle, the smallest village in Kittert, clings to its folkloric charm. Its famed moonlit dance, held every harvest season, draws visitors keen to partake in the whimsical celebration. The village is also the birthplace of famed folklore scholar, Rees Alwind, who has dedicated his life to preserving and understanding the oral traditions and myths of Mersi.

Crest of the House of Mlie̋pr



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