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POPULATION: 300K   CITIES: Morgive   TOWNS: Neraces   VILLAGES: Efelichal, Gramo, Sonvil  
  Sweeping valleys and verdant vineyards mark the peaceful territory of Kuents, a land that seems to hum with an unspoken mystery. The enchanting city of Morgive, known for its latticework of cobblestone streets and charming architecture, stands as the heart of this territory. The rhythmic clatter of horseshoes on stone, the murmur of conversation from the bustling market square, and the gentle notes of a lute playing in a distant tavern create an alluring harmony that embeds itself in the soul of any visitor.   At the helm of this harmonious territory is the House of Nchògə̀h, whose reign is shrouded in as much mystery as the land itself. Hushed whispers about them travel through the noble houses of Mersi. It is rumored that the Nchògə̀h's ancestors discovered a long-lost ancient artifact of potent magical power during The Plague Years (1212-1112), which they used to secure their rule and ensure the prosperity of their people. However, the artifact and its powers remain the family's closely guarded secret, adding to the layers of mystery surrounding the House of Nchògə̀h.   Neraces, a tranquil town sitting on the banks of the calm River Tamagrine, is famed for its spectacular midsummer fair. Artisans from across the territory bring their exquisite creations to this vibrant event, transforming Neraces into a vibrant patchwork of colors, aromas, and melodies for a week.   Meanwhile, the sleepy village of Efelichal, with its thatched cottages and towering windmills, is known for its delicious rye bread, baked in traditional stone ovens. Gramo, cradled by a grove of ancient oaks, is a haven for lovers of nature. The villagers have a deep reverence for the forest and its denizens, celebrating them with an annual feast named "Oak's Embrace". Lastly, Sonvil, perched on a hill overlooking the vineyards, is famed for its ruby-red wine, crafted with an ancient family recipe passed down through generations.   Despite not being known for distinguished individuals, Kuents is home to Uvelia Serath, a Morgive-born astrolinguist renowned for her work in deciphering ancient celestial scripts. Her studies have cast light on long-forgotten star constellations and their associated mythologies, adding yet another layer of mystery and charm to the land of Kuents.

Crest of the House of Nchògə̀h



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