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POPULATION: 6 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended | (North): The Cult of Oirae   ETHNIC GROUPS: Uȁteȕlgriǹ, Ȍsù, Bran̏que   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Tarels - 3M / DRAKSI - 1M / Chimelbas - 700K / KAHREOL - 700K / VAIRUVAND - 500K / Edrussis Dra - 100K   CURRENCY: Gilar (1, P)
  Rello is a rich country, the only one on the Continent on par with Draksineon - however there is a vast divide between the two nations as its own society is decidedly two-tier. Monied folks these days belong largely to the up-and-coming Cult of Oirae, whose lending institution the Treasury of Ocophel has branches popping up in new locations all the time. Of this fact, the Congregation of the Ascended is wary, as Rello has traditionally fallen under its jurisdiction and while the Church’s religious framework is malleable enough to encompass many viewpoints, misgivings exist about Oirae’s prosperity-based theology.   Metropolitan centres evidence the disparity between the haves and have-nots egregiously, unthinkable splendour in one area of a city literally casting its shadows on battered slums. This flagrant display is nowhere more obvious than in Hydrop, the largest Cloister in the nation and home base to the Oirae cult in Adheons. Racial division is a factor: The Tarels-speaking Uȁteȕlgriǹ (found in Hydrop, Hannael, and Capoweld) and Ȍsù (Ioni and Misgu) peoples tend to be found in the nice houses, and the Bran̏que, who speak Chimelbas, in the not-so-nice ones.   Geography is another reason why Rellan coffers overflow: The famous trade route, The Ruby Road, stops at four points in the realm, and the southern part of the country connects with Kahrilo, gateway to the Tyrilan economy. It is also unique in that it straddles two zone , granting it strategic value both for mages, and those less fond of them.   Rello exports textiles and apparel, works of art, vegetables and oils, herbs and medicines, and some lumber, but is most well-known for its fine mechanical curios.

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