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POPULATION: 800K   CAPITAL: Ouslotin   CITIES: Forgrose, Norain   TOWNS: Sundin, Troduchettle, Opring, Tuould, Perians, Laurall   VILLAGES: Frissic, Brevedly, Popung, Rowencher, Treane  
  Nestled against the resplendent shimmer of Lake Jdail and enclosed within the embrace of the region of Hydrop, lies the fertile land of Capoweld. It's a land rich with tranquil scenery, verdant pastures, and prosperous settlements, bearing the mark of an enduring legacy of the noble House of Van̏tiǹ, under whose lineage the Cloister has come to embody resilience, unity, and prosperity. The Van̏tiǹ family have been Capoweld's guardians for generations and are known for their wisdom, diplomacy, and a deep-seated bond with the land and its people - all the more so because both rulers and ruled struggled together against the famine and internal strife that once plagued this region under its previous and famously corrupt noble overseers, the Árdis.   Today, the region's greatest remaining troubles are the sudden, severe storms that sweep in from the lake, rendering Capoweld a beautiful yet fraught land, especially by the coastline. Townsfolk living in lakeside towns like Tuould or Perians, however, have honed their survival instincts into an art form, using the washed-up driftwood to craft intricate sculptures that are sought after by collectors from afar.   Ouslotin, the vibrant capital, reflects the harmonious mingling of ancient traditions and innovative advancements, fostered by the Van̏tiǹ. Though it does not partake directly in the traffic of The Ruby Road that leads through other nearby Cloisters, there is a trickle down effect here which brings in a large number of exotic goods. Most local residents say they are frankly glad to live without the hustle and bustle of other places located more centrally along the trade route.   The cities of Forgrose and Norain are exemplars of the region's flourishing commerce and industry, each enriched by the Van̏tiǹ's strategic policies. The former, plunked solidly in dairy country, is absolutely renown for its wide variety of spiced cheeses, which find their way to tables well outside of Rello; the latter is a hive of creative activity, specifically in woodwork. Norain carpenters are sought far and wide, not only for their talents to erect sound structures, but for the unparalleled artistry they put into every inch of their work.   Scattered across Capoweld are quaint villages such as Frissic, Brevedly, and Popung, known for their rustic charm and intimate connection with the land.   With Lake Jdail at its side, Capoweld is blessed with a bounty of natural resources that are skillfully utilized for the benefit of its people. Fish from the lake and produce from its fertile fields are not just a significant part of the region's economy but also deeply ingrained in its culture and cuisine.   Capoweld has produced remarkable individuals known beyond its borders. Eils Van̏tiǹ (not the noble variety), is a celebrated marine scholar, who has earned worldwide acclaim for her groundbreaking research on the unique aquatic species of Lake Jdail. Tryst Laurall, born in the town bearing his surname, which itself is known for its antique Lighthouse of Lendyl, is an acclaimed composer, whose symphonies, inspired by the region's tempests, are celebrated in concert halls across the world.   As day turns into night, Capoweld's horizon paints a mesmerizing canvas that seems to narrate tales of the region's past, its thriving present, and a future filled with promise. And all of it bears the emblem of its patrons, the noble house of Van̏tiǹ, steadfastly guiding Capoweld towards a prosperous tomorrow.

House Arms of the Van̏tiǹ



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