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POPULATION: 2M   CAPITAL: Adheons   CITIES: Ugeol, Canapoin   TOWNS: Posikoress, Dilancinge, Shelains, Kashop, Lauggleamb, Calgent, Jorilly   VILLAGES: Distalcoriat, Geradcli, Adua, Lintal, (Edrussis Dra: Labrennthag, Tabreltwen, Lovam)  
  Hydrop is the beating heart of Rello: Housing a third of the nation's population, it is a hub of culture, commerce, and undeniable charm. The influence of The Ruby Road can be felt throughout the region, making it a bustling, vibrant tapestry of locals and transient travellers alike. Despite the undeniable challenges this influx brings, Lord Cour Vraǹvuȅ, the regional lord, insisted on its introduction - much to the consternation of his populace. His manor in distant Shelains by Lake Jdail affords him the luxury of distance, but his people bear the reality of living in a melting pot of cultures, aspirations, and conflicting interests.   Adheons, the capital, embodies the unique blend of restlessness and resplendence. Streets thrumming with travellers by day turn into quiet, aromatic corridors at night, as the city's vast flower gardens, a nod to the floral insignia of Lord Vraǹvuȅ, release their fragrances into the cool air. These floral havens, each meticulously curated to represent a noble family, have become a symbol of Adheons, setting it apart from other urban centres.   In the town of Posikoress, you'll find The Golden Quill, a renowned literary café that has given birth to many famous works of literature. It is here that the renowned poet, Galad Canapoin, first shared his epic saga of love and loss. Canapoin's words, now known far beyond Rello's borders, continue to echo within the walls of this legendary café.   Similarly, the quiet village of Geradcli is famous as the birthplace of Alynn Dilancinge, the revered mathematician who deciphered complex astronomic equations. She has been hired on many times as an advisor by the Congregation of the Ascended to help with their own similar work, and even has a dedicated residence in its holy capital, Enribellis, but never forgetting it was her early years under the clear skies of Hydrop which stoked her curiosity about the universe and beyond.   Shelains, meanwhile, offers a unique glimpse into the world of Tameran Jorilly, the legendary falconer who revolutionized the art and science of falconry. His contribution has made Shelains a pilgrimage site for falconers worldwide.   Hydrop is also home to smaller Navirdic communities, who reside in Labrennthag, Tabreltwen, and Lovam. Although their numbers are few, this plucky minority are bound together by a shared mythic heritage that sets them apart, and they continue to celebrate their ancient customs and traditions in this modern, bustling region.   The energy of Hydrop, caught between the past and the future, between tradition and progress, creates an atmosphere uniquely its own. It's a land where the noise of the crowd can turn into a symphony, where the smell of flowers can overlay the scent of the road, and where the constant movement of travellers can be a source of stories rather than a disturbance. For those who call it home, there's nowhere else quite like it.

House Arms of the Vraǹvuȅ



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