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The Navirds, hailing from the Duchies of Calian and Odureas, are a people entrenched in the echoes of history, the spirit of the land, and a lively, boisterous love of life. Theirs is a culture of oral tradition, mystic reverence, rustic charm, and deep-rooted pride. From their homeland's far-reaching green hills to the bustling city of Procco, the Navirds’ cultural legacy is as rich and enduring as the land they inhabit.   Language is a vital aspect of Navirdic identity. They speak Goi Davur, a vibrant and melodic language that is a living testament to their ancient Khyrgan roots. It is a language of the earth, embodying the rolling hills, tumultuous rivers, and harsh winters of their homeland. In the Goisyllow, the heartland of Navirdic culture, Goi Davur reigns supreme, a sonorous symbol of their steadfast commitment to preserving their heritage.   A prominent Navirdic practice is the tradition of the Dhien Seit, a grand feast that marks the end of the harvest season. It is a time of revelry and gratitude, where families gather, songs resonate through the valleys, and stories, particularly the beloved epic, Ulann and Moradhwii, are shared around roaring fires. It is during these moments that the Navirds truly come alive, their irrepressible spirit spreading infectious joy throughout their communities.   Navirds possess a profound spiritual connection with their environment, believing the land, the elements, and their ancestors are all interwoven in a divine tapestry they refer to as the Arit Fin, or the Great Web. The spiritual custodians, known as the Tírra Stewards, guide their communities in honoring the Arit Fin through rituals, blessings, and the safeguarding of sacred sites. Any folk beliefs they practice are done in conjunction with observance of the Congregation of the Ascended, which they're devout and longstanding members of.   Navirdic cuisine is robust, earthy, and intrinsically tied to the seasonal cycles of their homeland. They are renowned for their Shenet Stew, a hearty dish prepared with root vegetables, mutton, and herbs, all slow-cooked in a clay pot. Equally beloved is Rhan Mead, a honey-infused drink known to elicit hearty laughter and stirring song from even the most reserved Navird.   The Navirds’ relationship with the land extends to their socio-political dynamics. Historically, they have maintained a fierce loyalty to their own community, in the wake of the independant nation of Goi Dav, their ancestral territory, into the Drakoyan Empire in UT 932. Despite having more rights and privileges than other secondary citizens, they often find themselves navigating a fine line between maintaining their unique identity and integrating into broader society. Their resistance, or Bru Deffr, as they call it, stems from a collective memory of their Kingdom of Khyr and the pioneering magic of Beryth.   To be Navird is to be part of a living tapestry of history, to carry the echoes of ancient magic in your blood, to find joy in the simple rhythm of rural life, and to face the world with a stubborn head and a vibrant heart. It's a belonging rooted in land, language, and an enduring sense of identity that continues to thrive in the face of change. It's a unique culture that retains the power to charm, to mystify, and to survive, no matter the odds.

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