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Grand Festivals

The Congregation of the Ascended's four primary festivals mark the beginning of each season and are glad times where families gather to feast and celebrate. The Hazatien Calendar kicks off with Eterri, a Fertility festival in the Spring; followed by Essocilla, the Summer Pilgrimage; then Inoryi, an autumnal Harvest festival; and finally Mindal, a time in Winter for remembering the dearly departed.  

Eterri (Spring / Fertility)

    mȍm ˈquȕohav vȁo prȁ ˈeterri, pȉo prȁ guo grȁnc ˈfrexohav
ˈsoohav ȉnco ˈcuimohav prupso, grȁnc gaco prȁ ȕps pȉb pruˈvȉo ˈhitau ȕps stȉ ȕps ˈlȁnau
ˈsoohav ȕps ˈfrersohav ȁ ibo prȁ gepso, ˈpaȅ ˈiu̯guo ˈeutohav ionˈclȍnau grȁnc ȅcrȕn
  Blessed be the season of Eterri, the time of growth and renewal.
May the fields be fruitful, and the spirits of our forefathers guide us on our path.
May we flourish like the flowers of spring, blossoming with grace and beauty.

by Midjourney
Above: Local girl joins the Oequȉ Eˈibo (Dance of Wild Flowers)

Essocilla (Summer / Pilgrimage)

  ˈsoohav ˈsuio prȁ esˈsocilla ˈquȕohav mȍm, cȕr ȕps ˈȕncohav ˈeutohav ˈglaesto grȁnc ˈoohav ȕps mȉo ˈpeifeio
ˈsoohav ˈuau ˈbrinohav lȁc ˈcaȕrs ȕps, grȁnc ˈcrȕmau ˈquȕohav ˈgloȅl ȕps ȅ
ˈsoohav ˈostreo prȁ ȕps pȉb pruˈvȉo ˈciohav ȕps vȕc, grȁnc ˈhitau ȕps vȁnt ˈclaȕ brȉnc mȉo
  May the journey of Essocilla be blessed, as we wander with intention and find our way home.
May the sun shine down upon us and the winds be at our back.
May the memories of our ancestors strengthen us, and guide us with their wisdom.
by Midjourney
Above: Preparing for the UȉmˈSuio - Path of Good Journey

Inoryi (Fall / Family)

  mȍm ˈquȕohav mȁgˈmȅrau prȁ iˈnoryi, brȁc ˈcluiohav ȕps nȅn cȕr lȁnt ˈpruvȉo
ˈsoohav ȕps eilˈtȉohav bȁ ˈfeuau, ˈȉrsohav ˈibunyto prȁ ˈseau
ˈsoohav ˈrȁohav grȁnc ȍr prȁ ˈpeifeio cȕm ˈquȕohav vȁnt ȕps, grȁnc ˈsoohav ȕps ˈtuirohav ˈquȕohav cȕr vȕc cȕr ˈfeuto ˈeivȍo

  Blessed be the harvest of Inoryi, that brings us together as one family.
May we gather around the table, sharing the bounties of the earth.
May the love and warmth of home always be with us, and may our bonds be as strong as the autumn leaves.

by Midjourney
Above: A rabo (patriarch) recites a traditional tale.

Mindal (Winter / Death)

  mȍm ˈquȕohav eirˈfȉohav prȁ ˈmindal, ˈcaȕl ˈseau ˈlȁcohav grȁnc pȉb pruˈvȉo ˈfrexohav
ˈsoohav ȕps ˈoohav ˈlȁxau ˈeȉrs pruˈvȉohav brȁc hifiˈumohav, ˈfloohav ˈsaȕ a ȉ ˈcaohav
ˈsoohav ȕps ˈrȁohav lȁnt ˈtuȉr ˈcuimohav ˈpaeohav ˈoohav ˈeiau, grȁnc ˈsoohav ȕps culo ˈclaȕ ˈostreo ˈeȉrs rȉ ȕps ˈgloentohav

  Blessed be the rest of Mindal, where the earth lies dormant and the ancestors return.
May we find comfort in the knowledge that death is but a new beginning.
May our loved ones who have passed find peace, and may we honor their memories in all we do.

by Midjourney
Above: Candlelight Vigil held in memory of the Departed


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