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The Bran̏que people, largely found across scattered pockets of Rello, have a rich yet cryptic history. Speaking their distinct language, Chimelbas, they embody the resilience and endurance that their past necessitated. Their language is an elegant tapestry of guttural sounds and rolling r's, almost as sturdy and robust as the people themselves.   Despite their historical obscurity, possibly a result of being an underclass and consequently neglected by the annals of history, the Bran̏que are far from being a forgotten people. They have endured as hearty, robust individuals, often stereotyped as being heavy-set and lethargic. However, this presumed corpulence is simply an illustration of their physical hardiness and tenacity. The Bran̏que community has been characterized as being lesser-educated and working in lower social positions, a stereotype that has held them back. Yet, defying the odds, a few have ascended to prominence. The rise of The Cult of Oirae has been a fortunate development for the Bran̏que: the belief that wealth indicates Oirae's blessings has motivated many to amass fortunes, even if it means toiling endlessly, which they certainly have a gift for.   Despite working arduously to attain prosperity, once a Bran̏que becomes wealthy, they are viewed as blessed by Oirae, which helps them surmount social barriers. Many have channeled this ambition into trade, such as the famed Berrol's Trading Consortium, a successful mercantile operation renowned for its efficiency and integrity.   Their customs and traditions are markedly different from the Tarels-speaking cultures. Bran̏que festivals, like Travashte, the celebration of the first rain, or Felberosh, a feast following the harvest, are filled with unique music, dance, and culinary delights, bearing a testament to their distinct cultural ethos. Despite this, they remain steadfast followers of the Congregation of the Ascended. Interestingly, they were among the earliest to embrace the Congregation when it was introduced in Rello from Draksineon, perhaps a testament to their adaptable spirit and openness to new ideologies.   The Bran̏que, despite their long-standing marginalized status, have used their fortitude and industriousness to overcome societal biases. In the face of adversity, they have stood strong, gradually carving a unique identity and a space for themselves in the diverse cultural tapestry of Rello.


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