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The Ȍsù people, predominantly inhabiting the Rellan Cloisters of Ioni and Misgu, are a community imbued with an ancient heritage and a profound respect for their past. They speak a variation of Tarels, the language they insist was borrowed, or to put it bluntly, taken by the Uȁteȕlgriǹ. There exists a bitter sweetness in their voice, embodying their belief that they are the originators of Tarels, and their language features archaic words like "Shenir" (wisdom) and "Aglon" (harvest) that have faded from modern Tarels usage.   The Ȍsù's customs and practices hinge heavily on respect for elders and the sanctity of their community. Their prominent rites include the Gronīt, a public acknowledgment of one's elders, and Lignasht, a communal gathering to celebrate the harvest season, which is carried out in tandem with the Ascended Grand Festival of Inoryi. These events bond the community together, manifesting their deep-rooted belief in collective strength.   Spirituality for the Ȍsù focuses not on the prosperity gospel of Oirae, but on the ancient spirits and deities they perceive in the natural world around them, keyed to certain Aspects of the Ascended pantheon. Chief among these is Aemolda, the spirit of earth and fertility. They believe it's Aemolda who blesses their lands with bountiful harvests. The Uslodit is a festival to honor her, involving music, feasting, and a communal dance called Orleun around a sacred tree believed to be the deity's earthly representation.   Ȍsù cuisine is simple, wholesome, and deeply tied to their land. Qilroot soup, Durnai (a flatbread), and Ongagin (grilled river fish) form their staple diet. A special dish made from fermented berries called Vistilk is a treasured recipe, passed down generations.   The Ȍsù have a symbiotic relationship with their environment, respecting its rhythms and patterns. They practice sustainable farming, rotate their crops and believe in the idea of Lia-Aemolda (land's rest) that allows the land to replenish its nutrients.   Historically, the Ȍsù have always had more in common with the neighboring nations of Mersi and Jolim than with the trading-centric Draksineon, given their shared focus on agriculture, community, and ancient traditions. This affinity extends to the socio-political sphere, where these nations are allies and friendly trade partners.   The Ȍsù revere Gilthonel the Wise, a legendary hero who is believed to have brought prosperity to their people by introducing agricultural advancements. Gilthonel's birth anniversary, known as the Gilthonel Fȅste, is celebrated with great pomp and splendor each year, marked by folk songs, dances, and grand feasts.   Although intermingling and marriage between the Ȍsù and Uȁteȕlgriǹ are commonplace, subtle cultural differences continue to persist. These differences, from the Ȍsù's respect for age-old traditions to the Uȁteȕlgriǹ's focus on trade and progress, add to the vibrant and diverse social fabric of Rello.


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