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POPULATION: 1.2M   CAPITAL: Sourne   CITIES: Sodigins, Slauthi   TOWNS: Sprumbi, Lossibal, Inglasht, Lurevindine, Toridge, Trementle   VILLAGES: Latocrean, Difilie, Balkaticalis, Sparian, Bairals, Anutte  
  Ioni: it's not just another region in Rello, it's the cradle of the faith that has swept across the nation - The Cult of Oirae. The native Ȍsù people nurtured Oirae's worship, knowing her more as a spirit of luck than the current popular depiction of her as the goddess of wealth. This shift in her portrayal, led by the wealth-driven Uȁteȕlgriǹ of Hydrop, sits uncomfortably with the Ȍsù who view it as an exploitation of their sacred traditions.   Nestled by Lake Jdail is the capital of Ioni, Sourne, a city of old-world charm and myriad legends, governed by the esteemed Druoǹge family. Of all the tales told in Sourne, one of the most persistent is about the cobblestones that line its streets. It is said that each stone was placed by a member of the Druoǹge family, and under each one, a coin was buried. This act was meant to honour Oirae and ensure the city's prosperity - a testament to the enduring bond between the local beliefs and everyday life.   Sodigins, a charming city to the south, is known for the grand temple dedicated to Oirae - a centuries-old monument revered as the original shrine of the goddess. It's here that many Ȍsù elders congregate, trying to preserve the old ways amidst the sweeping changes.   The village of Latocrean, despite its size, is famous across Rello. It's the birthplace of Maril Difilie, a renowned linguist who developed a universal script for the many languages of Rello. Maril now resides in Enribellis, the holy city of the Ascended faith in Draksineon, where she continues to bridge cultures through language.   The town of Inglasht is famous for another personality - Yoren Balkaticalis, the legendary bard whose songs continue to fill the taverns of Rello. He popularised the folklore of the Ȍsù people through his music, bringing the tales of Oirae into the mainstream.   Ioni, despite being at the centre of a theological evolution, continues to preserve its traditions amidst modernity. The resilience and adaptability of its people make it an essential part of Rello's diverse cultural landscape.

House Arms of the Druoǹge



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