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POPULATION: 900K   CAPITAL: Swoloi   CITIES: Pingenbewan, Choilili   TOWNS: Frogis, Wombow, Guired, Ancelbesons, Calize, Gabird   VILLAGES: Swifer, Bramen, Phicialle, Lowokendie, Dismard, Canets  
  Misgu: perched on the southern reaches of Rello, it is a region immersed in the complex politics of the Tyrilan continent. Misgu's southern border brushes against the enigmatic nations of Kahrilo and Kalio. The region's unique geographical position, cultural diversity, and political significance make it a melting pot of influences.   Swoloi, Misgu's ancient capital, looks as if time has forgotten it. Its aged buildings show the wear of centuries, but the city holds a mysterious charm that captivates its inhabitants and visitors alike. Nature reclaims what man has abandoned - vines creep up the cracking walls, breathing life into the faded stone.   Just outside of the capital, the quaint village of Canets has become a magnet for the wealthy tourists, thanks to the elusive and enchanting feature known as the "Mariner's Mirage". Only visible from the shores of Canets, this peculiar maritime phenomenon appears as an ethereal ship sailing on the horizon at dusk, vanishing as quickly as it arrives. Scholars and enthusiasts flock here to witness this mysterious spectacle and speculate its origins.   To the east in Choilili, the political undercurrents are palpable. The Council of Landezon's presence is prominent in the city, carrying out what they deem necessary surveillance of the neighboring nations. Their work is driven by the need to maintain security in an area where magic energy is scarcer, leaving gaps in the Council's magical detection grid.   The town of Ancelbesons and the village of Lowokendie, meanwhile, are known for housing a handful of curious Relan cults devoted to the Kah faith of Kahrilo. These communities, although small, have become hubs for cultural exchange and theological dialogue.   Misgu is a land of ancient heroes and legends, among them General Serol Bramen, whose name echoes through history. Over a millennia ago, in the aftermath of The Southern Crusades (1685-1500), Bramen led a formidable defense against the southern sorcerors seeking to infiltrate Rela. His strategic brilliance and courage ensured the preservation of the nation.   Meanwhile, the modern era gave birth to another famous figure from Misgu, a renowned novelist and playwright named Lien Phicialle, whose writings capture the essence of life in this southernmost region of Rello.   Misgu is a testament to the enduring spirit of its inhabitants - a region with a rich historical tapestry, still navigating the currents of present day geopolitics. Despite being far removed from the heartland of Draksineon, its influence on the broader narrative of Rello is indelible.

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