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  In the far southern reaches of the Uvan Empire, cloaked in the glory of The Weaver of Webs, is the grand province of Exivi. A distant jewel of the Empire, its measured autonomy is not a sign of estrangement but rather, a testimony to the Empire's trust in its capabilities.   Exivi is the proud home of the Empire's greatest libraries, the bastions of knowledge where scholars gather, dutifully compiling and studying the world's vast wealth of information. The libraries of Exivi, funded generously by the Empire, are where the greatest minds congregate, dedicating their intellect to the progress and enrichment of our Uvan people.   Exivi, however, is not solely a sanctuary for scholars. It is an integral part of the Empire, where the radiance of Uvan culture shines brighter than the southern sun, guiding its people toward unity and harmony. The Empire's benevolent efforts have tirelessly guided the adaptation of Beribonese cultural mores, reshaping them with Uvan principles for a harmonious blend. This endeavor, although challenging, is an exercise in cultural refinement, a sign of the Empire's commitment to the integration and unity of its territories.   Exivi stands tall, a testament to the Empire's far-reaching influence and benevolence. It thrives under the watchful gaze of the Weaver, upholding the principles of Uvan Empire with unwavering loyalty. Exivi's diligent scholars, its reformed culture, and its distinct place in the Empire are a testament to the Empire's great strength and resilience. In the Empire's grand web, every thread matters. The thread of Exivi is unique, its color a vibrant testimony of Uvan's diverse strength. Long live the Uvan Empire! Long live the Weaver of Webs!

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