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  Thodi, the robust pillar of security within the glorious Uvan Empire, is a fortress of justice, its vigilance unwavering as it stands sentinel over the boundaries of our societal harmony. As the noble bastion of righteousness, Thodi acts as a shield against those who pose a threat to our well-being, cementing the unity of our empire and safeguarding our cherished way of life.   Nestled within the enduring embrace of Thodi's rugged hills are the Centres for Restorative Justice. The staunch walls of these institutions echo our collective resolve to uphold the sanctity of the Uvan way. Here, individuals who dared to challenge the natural order are given the opportunity to reflect on their actions, to renounce their dependence on magic, and to reorient themselves towards contributing positively to the Empire. Each centre is a beacon of resilience, protecting the Empire's safety and embodying our unyielding commitment to harmony.   In the heart of Thodi are the illustrious Extraction and Refinement Facilities. The vein-like labyrinth of mines and processing plants draws forth the rich bounty hidden within Thodi's untamed landscape. The diligent workers in these facilities embody the Uvan spirit of hard work, extracting and refining the precious ores that fuel our indomitable march towards progress.   The governance of Thodi is marked by an unwavering commitment to order and efficiency. The Hand of the Weaver upholds the tenets of justice and industry with a relentless zeal. A sturdy rudder guiding the ship of Thodi, the Hand ensures the smooth functioning of the justice centres and mining facilities, cementing Thodi's integral role in the Empire.   Thus stands Thodi, a stalwart guardian of our unity and the vigorous heartbeat of our industrial strength. As we forge ahead on the path of progress, Thodi remains an emblem of the indomitable spirit of the Uvan Empire, a testament to our collective strength and resilience.

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