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  Long live the Uvan Empire, where the fruits of human innovation and industry are celebrated, none more so than in the industrious heart of Dekaloo. This glorious testament to the Empire's capabilities is split into three integral regions: Ool, Coloph, and Dweigh. Each is a cog in the vast machine of progress, tirelessly working to fuel the Empire's advancement and assure its ascendancy.   In Ool, the spirit of human craftsmanship thrives. Here, blacksmiths, carpenters, and engineers toil in a dance of creation, forging raw materials into essential tools and ingenious mechanisms. They create the Empire's weapons, tools, and complex machines that speak of our technological prowess, each item a testament to the power of human intellect and dexterity over base magic.   Coloph, the heart of the Empire's clockwork industry, is where our innovative artisans shape the gears of progress. Their artful precision creates timekeeping devices and automata, each one a symbol of the Empire's relentless forward march. These clockwork creations, marrying form and function, are not only practical but also emblematic of our ideology, spreading the gospel of the Uvan Empire's grand vision with every tick.   Dweigh, home to the illustrious city of Authra, is the Empire's gateway to the world. Here, The Ruby Road starts its long journey northward to Draksineon, carrying not just our splendid goods, but also the guiding philosophy of the Uvan Empire. In Authra, the promise of the Empire is palpable, the spirit of the Weaver's great vision is alive, manifesting in the vibrant trade and commerce that powers the Empire and ensures our prosperity.   Dekaloo is the beating heart of the Empire's industry, the place where the genius of human minds and the skill of human hands are combined to fuel our rise. Our relentless march towards progress, powered by this land of industry and innovation, is a testament to the greatness of the Uvan Empire. Let us take pride in Dekaloo, for it embodies the Empire's grand vision for the supremacy of human endeavour. Long live the Uvan Empire! Long live The Weaver of Webs!

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