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POPULATION: 1.5M   RULER:   CAPITAL: Gustomor   CITIES: Outcheront. Pairesh, Sourvy   TOWNS: Scadess, Trodorminer, Accuttine, Bodip, Amblectomling, Pruddes   VILLAGES: Gelarvin, Amlelmen, Voress, Noethed, Brevender, (Navirdi: Bedarwin, Savblonor)   Though Romisbanian's lands were among the first conquered by the Drakoya, the Bonneru people, its native inhabitants, surprisingly managed to preserve their core culture and traditions throughout the long ages of their conquerors' rule. Bonneru living all over Draksineon consider Romisbanian their true homeland, and old, pre-Drakoya sites there - most spectacularly, the Obvibroak Burial Mounds - continue to tie them to their past. Their ancient, agriculturally-focused society was once run by Ulats - an office blending the functions of farmer and priest - and town Mayors as well as lesser nobles to this day maintain many ceremonial ties to these figures, presiding over local harvest festivals and blessing crops. Farming persisted as a key activity of the Bonneru due to its centrality in their belief system, although social contracts put in place during the Old Empire made their crop yields the property of Drakoyan lords and shifted the nature of the practice away from spirituality and towards servitude. Negotiations were initiated in The Reconstruction aiming to provide the Bonneru with greater autonomy in economic and religious matters, and in large part, these efforts were successful. Many still grumble that the ruling Duke remains one of Draksi descent, and at least one organized group, the Parim League (known outside the Duchy as "Parimists"), seek to establish a fully separate, culturally distinct state for the Bonneru. The League has so far relied on peaceful dialogue to make inroads to its goal. Otherwise, the common people boast a robust sense of humour that seems to let them bear the ups and downs of area politics with style.  
by Midjourney
Above: Bonneru members of the Parim League.
  Though most citizens belong to the Congregation of the Ascended, parallel worship based on the Old Beliefs is reasonably widespread in the Duchy. Romisbanian is full of wooded areas and rolling hills in which small carved idols may be found, offerings to the forest spirits and old gods.   The Ruby Road also winds its way through the Duchy's southern tip and brings a great share of wealth to this region, along with beliefs and ideas from elsewhere.

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