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The Reconstruction (362-Present)

The Reconstruction period, commencing in 362 UT, was predominantly marked by the efforts and influence of the Davinet family. The Davinets, previously prominent figures in the holy city of Enribellis, the seat of the Congregation of the Ascended, chose to leave due to the rampant corruption they saw intertwining the Church and the decaying Amazar Dynasty.   Setting their sights on Sabellis City, which had fallen into decay and lawlessness after the departure of the Eannelks, the Davinets ousted the petty lords and began an ambitious project to reinvent the city. Their efforts transformed Sabellis into an ethical, intellectual, and financial beacon, attracting a plethora of influential Dukes and Duchesses who had previously been subservient to the Imperial rule.   Et Davinet, a key figure of the family, in 281 UT orchestrated the Pact of Three, an important accord that addressed the escalating tensions among mages, the nobility, and the Church, each of which had become bloated and had overstepped their bounds. To commemorate this agreement, a monument was erected in Sabellis City, its eternal flames still tended daily by the mages of the Column of Taharjin.   Et's successors continued the family's mission of improving life for the empire's citizens. Despite resistance from traditionalist nobility, who bristled at the growing influence of the middle class and expanding rights for non-Drakoyans and the poor, the Davinets remained steadfast. Their strategic alliances and astute political maneuvering kept opposition in check, allowing them to enact progressive reforms.   Significant achievements during the Reconstruction include the abolition of slavery, the establishment of a public education system, and the reinforcement of guild structures to ensure economic fairness and competitiveness. The Davinets also took it upon themselves to rectify the poorly administered Ruby Road trade route, which the Amazars had reopened but failed to manage effectively. This improved trade immensely, benefiting the common folk as well as the elite.   While the Reconstruction hasn't been without its challenges, the Davinets have deftly responded to historical currents and societal shifts, transforming the nation into its modern form. Even though the government structure outwardly adheres to democratic principles, it's the Davinet family's influence that has been instrumental in Draksineon's evolution. Their leadership continues to guide the empire towards a future that respects its rich history while fostering growth and inclusivity.  

Bloodline of the Davinet family

  1. Ut Davinet (362-339 UT) - The founder of the family's political influence, Ut was instrumental in the transformation of Sabellis City into a beacon of culture and progress.   2. Doria Davinet (339-316 UT) - Ut's daughter, she was known for her commitment to maintaining the family's integrity, even as she pushed through substantial reforms in education and labor.   3. Leron Davinet (316-293 UT) - Leron, son of Doria, oversaw further expansion of the city and the strengthening of guild structures.   4. Et Davinet (293-272 UT) - Et, Leron's son, was instrumental in both improving the administration of the Ruby Road trade route, and fathering the impressive legal work, the Pact of Three.   5. Elidia Davinet (272-251 UT) - Daughter of Et, Elidia was a staunch advocate for economic fairness and worked tirelessly to ensure equitable distribution of wealth.   6. Gorim Davinet (251-230 UT) - Gorim, son of Elidia, is remembered for his efforts to maintain the Davinet family's influence against the backdrop of a burgeoning democratic system.   7. Lilana Davinet (230-209 UT) - Lilana, Gorim's daughter, was a strong advocate for rights of the non-Drakoyans and the poor, and was instrumental in pushing for their expanded rights.   8. Brenn Davinet (209-187 UT) - Brenn, son of Lilana, focused on mitigating the tension between the family and the traditionalist nobility.   9. Verel Davinet (187-166 UT) - Sara, Brenn's daughter, worked on further consolidating the family's influence while promoting the principles of the Pact of Three.   10. Ulan Davinet (166-145 UT) - Ulan, Sara's son, continued to enhance the power of the middle class while ensuring the continued observance of the Pact of Three.   11. Egan Davinet (145-124 UT) - Egan, Ulan's son, and Niandrann's father, furthered the family's principles of inclusivity and fairness, further solidifying the Davinet family's legacy.   12. Niandrann Davinet (124 UT - Present) - The current reigning Duchess and overseer of the Parliament of Leaves, Niandrann, Egan's daughter, is the contemporary embodiment of the Davinet lineage's commitment to societal growth and inclusivity.


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