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POPULATION: 1.5M   RULER: Os Vildun, Duke of Castamomera   CAPITAL: Holorefi   CITIES: Berlifron, Assenfron, Signian   TOWNS: Lastocode, Scessitar, Abscen, Doxilip, Sassine (Navirdi: Tuirdourga)   VILLAGES: Scueprog, Haelevan (Navirdi: Epish, Recellan, Novanniel)  
  Castamomera is the most “maritime” of the Duchies, with a great portion of its landmass stretching across the gentle waters of Lake Qadreas. Its people have a laid back attitude to life and are considered lazy elsewhere in Draksineon. While it's true they are fond of chat and fonder of drink and song, Castamomerans also pursue their interests and their work with an unequalled their own good time, of course.  
by Midjourney
  The political system here emphasizes the value of peasants, as its most ancient laws state that the land and the people that work it are one. Surprisingly, these laws have been upheld and honored in the decrees of the noble courts. Of peasants, those professions hallowed above all others include those who fish the sea, and who tend the vines. Both still hold an esteemed status in society but no longer encourage the narrow social divisions they did in earlier times. Avagran ("Fisher") and Greges ("Vintner") continue to be very common surnames across the Duchy, and Castamomeran exports from both sea and vine are renown across Draksineon and beyond. The Maidiz fish is found on the plates of those that can afford it, and Castamomeran Mussels are widely sought after, considered a potent aphrodisiac. As for wine, the unique soil conditions in the Duchy's lush countryside give rise to the Lanehmo grape, which is more or less a proprietary crop of Neymo Estates. It is common for wealthy travellers from outside the region to stop in at the family vineyards here, be invited for a meal, and sample special vintages that can only be found there.  
by Midjourney
  Three related cultural groups native to the Duchy trace their descent to The Cativene Dynasty (2000-1685): the Canor, Thanti, and Spiesto, known collectively as the Old Families. In truth, there is little distinction between them anymore except for the sake of conversation, with this or that person boasting direct relation to Cativene nobility. Most traditions are shared among them, including Reweddin - a yearly festival which incites scandals in Conservative areas for its wild dancing and frolicking. All three of the Old Families claim to have a link to the many ruins scattered about the countryside, predating the Kingdom of Khyr; as well as a very special site, Trologre, a maze of prehistoric caves in which are painted with strange symbols. The ruling Duke, Os Vildun, made a controversial decision to monetize the caves, which has inspired a great deal of tourism and scholarship, but at the cost of whatever solemnity they may have held in Castamomeran spiritual life.   The emphasis of Castamomeran courts on popular values, and a general proximity to the nation's capital, Sabellis, add up to political attitudes being very liberal. The people are still strict adherents of Congregation of the Ascended and practice their faith diligently, but also personally, and tend not to be as judgemental or narrow-minded as do their cousins living to the south, in Augulaspes.   Holorefi, the capital, is notable for the many rivulets that snake throughout the city, with the standard transport being long boats called Ndiosa (Draksi, "cutters"). They have had such trouble with water levels over the years that a formal arrangement has been hammered out with the Column of Haldorm to assist with maintenance.  
by Midjourney
Above: View from the docks of Holorefi.

Above: Crest of Castamomera


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