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A DRAKSI bastardization of the High Northern surname, Eannelk, the clan that defeated the Drakoyan Emperor and occupied Draksineon between 707 and 598 UT.   Yanocs are not true Eannelks. Most who carry the name hail from families without the distinction of a surname during the early years of the Sunset Empire (598-361), when Drakoyan administrators, once again in charge of their country, needed to categorize these remnants and chose to do so using a generic term. Because of this, Yanocs are in truth a diverse group comprised of several clans, and see each other as belonging to a unique culture, as opposed to being united through blood kinship, as the shared surname might imply.   While sentiment towards this group was originally poor, today, Yanocs are happily integrated members of Drakoyan society. Most speak the Draksi tongue, with a sizeable helping of words in Middle Rikaad mixed in. The traditions they practice are similarly hybridized, possessing both High Northern and Drakoyan flavours. Those in the High North fully acknowledge the Yanoc as their descendants, but due to the variance in their cultural practices, do not regard them as countrymen.

Cover image: Medieval Dream, Siena by Antonio Cinotti


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