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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Adermili   CITIES: Breartlennian, Raliers, Eivances, Bonum   TOWNS: Brairmoiss, Bairals, Naterachored, Phicialle, Tracce, Burnian, Nopric, Monalisharve, Begove   VILLAGES: Patruttion, Ortermal, Rinald, Arainean, Accroy, Weigram, Lefating, Seastid, Spridge  
  Roular hums with an industry born of necessity and nurtured by tradition. Its forges and stables produce some of Galori's most coveted exports - weapons of the finest craftsmanship and horses of the highest pedigree. These goods, along with their finely crafted linens and goldsmithed items, ensure Roular's prominence in the trade routes of the Autumn Yield.   Yet, Roular is not without its controversies. The trading posts that deal in Galorican slaves cast long shadows over the city's achievements, staining its reputation among nations that condemn such practices. The legacy of this institution, and the ongoing tension it causes with Draksineon, forms an integral part of Roular's narrative. This narrative is as intricate as the goldsmith's craft, as spirited as their horses, and as complex as their relationship with the world outside their borders.   The hold sits like a shimmering gem between Lake Anthirs, Milioster Harbour, and Lake Qadreas. It is an area ruled by the House of Quicodil, whose subtle diplomatic ties and strategic marriages have carefully balanced trade relations with Qa and Prody, shaping Roular into an economic hub. Roular's cities echo with bustling maritime activity, reflecting its rich aquatic geography. Adermili, the capital, is its administrative and cultural heart. The city thrives with an unmistakable vibrancy brought on by its bustling markets and extensive harbor facilities, connecting it to the many corners of the continent. The city skyline is a blend of historic buildings and modern constructs, portraying the evolving journey of Roular through time.   Further inland is Breartlennian, a city known for its elaborate architecture and gastronomy, specifically Endicu cuisine, an unusually spicy culinary tradition compared with other Relan nations. As the confluence of land and water routes, it has cultivated a unique culinary tradition that attracts food enthusiasts from around Rela. Its annual 'Feast of the Waters', a celebration of seafood, draws crowds from far and wide.   Raliers, situated near Lake Anthirs, is famed for its freshwater pearls and aquamarine stones, which are skillfully crafted into exquisite jewelry. The Raliers’ jewelers' guild hosts an annual exhibition displaying their craftsmanship, attracting collectors and dealers from across the continent.   Eivances, on the shores of Milioster Harbour, is home to one of the largest shipyards in Rela. The city is characterized by the constant sound of hammers and saws, as shipbuilders tirelessly work to create vessels that conquer the waterways.   Nestled by the pristine Lake Qadreas, Bonum is a city with a distinct charm. Known for its scenic beauty and tranquil environment, it's a haven for artists and poets who draw inspiration from its peaceful shores.   Near the small town of Arainean, lies a significant pilgrimage site, visited annually by devout followers of the Congregation of the Ascended. The site, a beautiful shrine built around a naturally occurring spring, is believed to possess divine properties, further enriching the spiritual tapestry of Roular.   The influence of the Band of Reeds tribes, brought through the indirect contact via Qa's Didošt noble family, adds a subtle layer of complexity to Roular's identity. This influence manifests in the regional craft markets, where one can find tribal art and curiosities brought in through these channels, offering glimpses into the cultures and practices of these distant tribes.

Arms of the House of Quicodil



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