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In the culture of the Daxtɾi, all individuals are assigned the gender of "prurno" at birth. This gender, which means "third" in the Daxtɾi language, is a placeholder that allows individuals to explore their gender identity and expression without being limited by the strict male/female binary. At puberty, each individual is given the opportunity to choose their gender. They can either remain prurno, identifying as a mixed gender, or they can choose to identify as male or female.   This cultural model of gender allows for a greater range of expression and individuality, and it allows individuals to explore their gender in a way that is authentic and true to themselves. It also challenges the traditional gender roles and expectations, creating a more egalitarian and inclusive society. The prurno gender is seen as a neutral and balanced state, and individuals who choose to remain prurno are often seen as wise and harmonious.

Cover image: Tuscany 02-01 by Konrad Jagodziński


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