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POPULATION: 300K   CITIES: Forwein   TOWNS: Stammild, Rungust   VILLAGES: Woefs, Raelton  
  Suica, the northernmost territory of Ceweren, is a region of austere beauty and hearty resilience. It stands at the edge of the Turudin Pine, a vast forest acting as a natural border between Suica and Spenjöhal. The woods camps nestled within this forest are considered Suica's very lifeblood, providing timber and game that sustain its population.   At the helm of Suica is Lord Eikil Eannelk, a robust man who boasts of his family ties to the revered Clan Eannelk. Descendant of Callag Eannelk, the "Liberator of the Weyr", he embodies the spirit of stern pride and independence that his ancestor instilled in the region centuries ago. His feasts, although less elaborate compared to his southern counterparts, echo the hearty camaraderie and simplistic joy of northern hospitality.   The city of Forwein stands as Suica's main settlement, its character reflecting the austere temperament of its people. In contrast to the rest of Ceweren, Forwein prefers the charm of simplicity over lavish indulgences. The city is renowned for its Timber Hall, a grand meeting place constructed entirely of Turudin pine wood, and the Skywatcher's Observatory, an ancient tower offering mesmerizing views of the northern skies.   The towns of Stammild and Rungust carry their own unique identities. Stammild is known for its annual Timber Festival, celebrating the rich resources of the Turudin Pine forest, while Rungust is revered for its historic Battle Monument, commemorating a significant victory against southern invaders.   The villages of Woefs and Raelton offer their own slice of northern life. Woefs is famous for its Ice-Carved Chapel, a splendid structure made entirely of intricately carved ice faithfully recreated each year, while Raelton is known for its Honey Harvest, producing the finest pine honey in Ceweren.   Among the inhabitants of Suica, Vigdis the Falconer stands as a figure of outsize reputation. Hailing from Forwein, Vigdis is a master falconer whose birds are sought after across Ceweren for their hunting prowess. However, her renown comes with notoriety; Vigdis was once accused of using her falcons for espionage during a diplomatic visit, leading to an infamous scandal known as "The Feathered Espionage" incident. Despite the controversy, her skills continue to be in high demand, demonstrating the delicate balance between notoriety and accomplishment in her story.


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