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POPULATION: 250K   CITIES: Reitaven   TOWNS: Budden, Godfis   VILLAGES: Swaldeb, Joskor  
  Spenjöhal is a territory of rugged coastal beauty and prosperous maritime activity.   Nestled on its eastern shores, the bustling city of Reitaven serves as its heart. It is a vibrant city, boasting a rich tapestry of Weyr and maritime traditions. Residents here take pride in their sea-faring heritage, their lives intertwined with the rhythmic ebb and flow of the Bay of Ylvuun's tides. The city is well-known for its highly unique feature: a grand lighthouse, named the Eyes of Spenjöhal, which stands as a symbol of guidance and protection. The most remarkable thing about it is that it was built with no access to the sea, strictly for ritualistic reasons. During evenings, the lighthouse illuminates the city in a gentle, ethereal glow, marking a pathway for folks out near kerfew, while casting an enchanting veil over Reitaven.   Towns in this territory include Budden and Godfis, each with its own set of unique offerings. Budden is famous for its bustling fish market and annual Seafood Festival, which attracts food enthusiasts from across the continent. Godfis, on the other hand, is known for its ship-building industry, producing vessels renowned for their robustness and intricate craftsmanship.   The ruler of Spenjöhal is Lord Uygef Wuhorsk, a man deeply tied to the sea. He comes from a long line of seafarers, his family's fortune built on trading goods across the Bay of Ylvuun. The Wuhorsk residence, a sprawling coastal mansion with unobstructed views of the Bay nearish the small town of Joskor, mirrors the grandeur of their legacy. Joskor is also recognized for its salt pans, producing the finest sea salt in all of Ceweren.   Among the quaint villages dotting the territory, Swaldeb is known for its ancient seaside shrine, a place of solace for sailors before they venture into the sea.   Two famous figures hail from Spenjöhal: Reilyn the Feathered, a renowned poet from Reitaven, whose ballads of the sea are revered across Ceweren, and Thyri Valkiana, a maritime explorer from Budden, who discovered new trade routes along the Bay of Ylvuun, thus contributing to the economic prosperity of the region. Their stories resonate with the spirit of Spenjöhal: a blend of adventure, exploration, and deep-seated respect for the sea.


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