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POPULATION: 450K   CITIES: Growdeling   TOWNS: Grithfuleth, Gelstermid, Wrigen, Ulindung   VILLAGES: Realge, Yawendreg, Hellonhe, Faurstof  
  Andignaar, where the splendour of land meets the mystery of the sea, is situated on the west coast of Ceweren, its vibrant coastline forming the breathtaking Hevarga Bay.   The area's capital city, Growdeling, lies cradled between the rolling hills and expansive woodlands, standing as an audacious sentinel to the rest of Ceweren.   Nearer the waters, the towns of Grithfuleth and Gelstermid overlook the bay, its houses and taverns sculpted into the seaside cliffs. The fresh ocean breeze carries the scent of salt and hops, the legacy of its renowned seaside breweries and fish markets. Maritime trade thrives here, with ships carrying Andignaar's prized lagers, cheeses, and woodwork to far-off lands.   The small village of Yawendreg, home to sacred woodland groves, is a sanctuary for artisans who craft elegant trinkets from fallen branches, believing the forest's blessing infuses their work. Another tiny settlement, Faurstof, prides itself on its dairy farms, producing a unique seaweed-infused cheese cherished by gourmets all over Ceweren.   Nestled along a woodland trail en route to the coast is Wrigen, a hamlet renowned for its timber mills. Their distinct, high-quality lumber provides the material for the nation's celebrated woodsmiths. To the southwest, the market town of Ulindung serves as a crossroads for traders and travellers, its lively markets providing a variety of Ceweren's best produce, from honey mead to handwoven textiles.   On the western coastline, the charming village of Realge carries an air of mystery. Legend has it that the bay's waters hold a benevolent sea spirit, a belief that has given birth to an annual Sea Spirit Festival. During this time, villagers and visitors alike gather to participate in music-filled nights, lantern-lit boat processions, and a feast featuring the village's speciality - a creamy, ale-infused seafood stew.   Notable among Andignaar's native sons and daughters is Valpuri Hääpää, from Faurstof. This ingenious playwright has set Ceweren's capital, Achighter, alight with his captivating and humorous plays. His uncanny ability to bring Weyr folklore to life on stage has made him a beloved figure, influencing a new wave of creative expression in the country.   Andignaar, with its charming blend of seaside tranquillity, woodland spirituality, and artistic vibrance, has carved out its unique identity within Ceweren, embodying the adaptability and creativity of the Weyr people.


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