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POPULATION: 850K   CITIES: Marthen   TOWNS: Fairrad, Stordackle, Windens, Hocderhad, Faula, Ounder, Bryagevt   VILLAGES: Yvenðr, Cew-Marthen, Sneecellie, Unkerset  
  In the central region of Ceweren lies the serene expanse of Ocybod, a land known for its robust faith and vibrant heritage. It is here that Marthen, the capital city, stands as a beacon of Läänti Ascendism. Its magnificent skyline is dominated by spires of grand temples and halls of devotion; its streets echo with harmonious hymns and chimes of prayer bells, a constant testament to the city's profound spirituality. Many a journey of faith begins and ends in Marthen, earning it the moniker, 'The Heart of Laanti'.  
by Midjourney
Above: After Onized services, town of Marthen.
  Among the numerous townships, Bryagevt is famed for its rich ales, brewed using age-old methods passed down through generations. These ales, known for their balance of malt and hops, have a hint of caramel, making them a sought-after delight. On market days, the town square fills with jovial gatherings, mugs of ale in hand, and cheerful tunes filling the air. In contrast, Hocderhad is celebrated for its master blacksmiths who craft legendary weapons and armor, often adorned with intricate Laanti symbols.   Stordackel, known for its vibrant tapestries, is a town of weavers. The tapestries depict tales from Laanti scriptures and Weyr folklore, their vibrant colors reflecting the town's dynamic spirit. Visitors to Stordackel leave with more than just tapestries; they carry away pieces of history, each thread a testament to the Weyr's resilience and devotion.   The small village of Yvenðr, tucked away in the verdant valleys, holds a secret recipe to a potent brew, 'Valley’s Breath', a beer so exquisite that it's often compared to ambrosia. Its slightly fruity, smoky notes are a result of the unique combination of wild barley and mountain spring water. Equally enigmatic is Cew-Marthen, renowned for its beautifully bound collections of Laanti scriptures. Its hidden scriptorium has produced generations of skilled scribes and illuminators, their work considered the highest form of devotion to Laanti.   From Ocybod hail two legendary figures: Hulda Seren, a revered knight from the annals of history. Her exploits on the battlefield and her unwavering faith in Laanti have been immortalized in numerous ballads, her name synonymous with bravery and honor. Annikki Derster, a scholar of Laanti Ascendism, is known for her insightful interpretations of Laanti scriptures. Her writings, imbued with wisdom and profound understanding of Weyr spirituality, are considered a guiding light for many practitioners of Laanti Ascendism.   As a land, Ocybod resonates with the harmonious symphony of faith, heritage, and creativity, a testament to its people's steadfast devotion and the richness of Weyr culture.


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