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Qa South

POPULATION: 400K   CAPITAL: Scisra   CITIES: Habio, Comilion   TOWNS: Macien, Maurtrage, Dartinsilven, Dievan, Ericura, Hygilberion, Straminius   VILLAGES: Emat, Hablacri, Peruplod, Stardiest, Preliot, Ficartic, Namerizes, Primagantion  
  As we cross the tranquil Lake Anthirs and navigate the buzzing waters of Milioster Harbour, we find ourselves in Qa South, a realm of contrasts and paradoxes, with the bustling city of Scisra as its heartbeat. Sharing a kinship with the nearby Adermili in Roular, Scisra's fervour for language purity is more tempered than its northern counterpart, an echo of its neighbor's softer accent.   Resting in Milioster Harbour are the Shau islands, a cluster of lush, rocky outcrops where the nation's key culture, the Xemʾ, live, but their life is of a different cadence. With the gentle lapping of the sea in their ears and salt in their lungs, these islanders dance to their own rhythm, a step slightly out of sync with the Qa mainland's drumbeat.   As we tread further northwards, we meet the Opatu tribes of Msna, a people steeped in mystery, ancient knowledge, and a harmonious understanding of their environment, standing as a stark contrast to the cosmopolitan milieu of Qa South.   The territory's other cities are vibrant echoes of their surroundings. Habio, with its bustling trade routes and markets, thrums with the energy of a thousand stories. Comilion, with its stunning vistas and uniquely crafted buildings, is an artist's dream painted in real hues.   But within this landscape, a fascinating narrative unfolds in the quaint town of Hygilberion. Known for its elaborate festivities, the townsfolk annually perform a traditional dance under the starlit sky, believed to be a sacred ritual to pacify the spirits of their ancestors.   In the humble village of Namirizes, an endearing quirk has woven its way into their everyday life: Every resident is known to own an ornately decorated walking stick, a testament to their belief in wisdom's slow and steady journey.   However, not all tales within Qa South are as innocent. The Qasabz family, a branch of the ruling Vuposyazv family, casts a long, troubling shadow across the land. What was once a bond of kinship has twisted into a knot of bitter rivalries and unspoken secrets, resulting in a tangle of petty squabbles and deceit. Rumours of power struggles, illicit affairs, and political manipulations circle around them like vultures, turning the once-respected family into a spectacle of scandal. Yet, through the tangle of familial strife, the family name persists, a testament to the enduring strength of Qa South's cultural heritage.

Crest of the Qasabz



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