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POPULATION: 1.2 M   CAPITAL: Picticasi   CITIES: Thodoles, Exlu   TOWNS: Wili, Ador, Cardwithe, Lonistine, Coquiron, Scerrub, Siroug, Ignalter, Millid, Kadispan, Faunmin   VILLAGES: Emon, Whita, Firmo, Waliui, Karal, Inglo, Ninglet, Exasy, Mot, Airous  
  Set amidst the shifting blue vistas of Beuraya Bay, the Valgon Delta, Annibi Bay, and the Pairend Coast, the province of Rehous in Beurin represents an unparalleled synthesis of age-old traditions and water-bound divinity. Known as the "Sea Jewel of Beurin," Rehous and its capital, Picticasi, boast a vibrant history and an invigorating present that thrives on the sanctity of water.   Picticasi, an ancient temple city, was once the abode of the god that the people believed dwelled in the sacred Asgon River. The town still resonates with this spiritual heritage. The architectural grandeur of Picticasi is marked by its ancient temples, which were once at the heart of pre-Congregation worship. Now, these temples serve as awe-inspiring remnants of an age where the water was deemed not just sacred but divine. In its labyrinthine alleyways and marketplaces, you can hear the whispers of the past intermingling with the lively chatter of the present.   The governance of Picticasi, and Rehous more broadly, is in the hands of the Kwendɾi family, a noble lineage dating back to times immemorial. Known for their steadfast adherence to age-old protocols and their unwavering commitment to the preservation of tradition, the Kwendɾi have been custodians of Rehous' rich history. They have presided over the region with a sense of dedication and orderliness, although their rigidity has often clashed with the more progressive tendencies of their constituents.   Beyond the capital, the towns of Exlu, Cardwithe, and the village of Firmo warrant particular mention. Exlu, located at the confluence of the Asgon River and Beuraya Bay, is renowned for its shimmering Sunset Market, where traders sell goods glowing in the warm hues of sundown. Cardwithe, nestled along the Pairend Coast, houses the ancient Library of Waves, an educational establishment that has preserved nautical knowledge across centuries. Firmo, a quaint village along the Valgon Delta, is famed for its annual Water Blessing Festival, a vibrant event where the locals celebrate the river’s gifts.   Rehous has been the birthplace of many notable individuals, but two figures stand out: Marnix Valten, a renowned scholar of all things watery, was born in the town of Wili. His groundbreaking work on Beurin’s aquatic ecosystems is internationally respected. Picticasi, meanwhile, is the birthplace of Vespera Luscin, a celebrated poetess whose verses often echo the spiritual resonance of her beloved city and its sacred waters. Her work has been instrumental in bringing Beurin's unique cultural identity to a global audience.   With its sacred waters and resolute preservation of traditions, Rehous is not just a geographical entity, but fount to Beurin's cultural and spiritual vibrancy. As the tides of time change, it remains to be seen how this unique region will adapt and transform while preserving the essence of its rich history and its profound connection with water.

Crest of House Kwendɾi



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