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POPULATION: 1.8M   CAPITAL: Cavictorens   CITIES: Vellus, Sabliona, (Edrussis Dra: Baurhdilhede)   TOWNS: Pallina, Lolat, Browskat, Prethens, Summantiph, Gnedly, Sassia, Meldaran, Undesti, Viscon, (Edrussis Dra: Filofalde, Glougharin, Masilwaur)   VILLAGES: Pref, Glinston, Jonesta, Tgole, Ayorspa, (Edrussis Dra: Hinhi Ruh, Easingwes, Camistivert, Palasted, Navno, Smofail, Dodh Eflug, Sawvgyl)  
  Situated between the traditionalist Rehous and the bustling heartland of Rela lies Toriben, a province that beautifully marries old-world charm with an air of progressivism emanating from the imperial city of Draksineon. Toriben's capital, Cavictorens, is the centrepiece of this intriguing blend of tradition and modernity.   Cavictorens, unlike the ancient temple city of Picticasi in Rehous, is an embodiment of the future in motion. The cityscape is marked by a blend of traditional architecture and state-of-the-art structures, a testament to the city's embrace of new ideologies while still preserving its cultural heritage. Here, the cobbled streets from ancient times and the recently laid roads intersect and intermingle, leading to bustling markets, lush parks, and impressive plazas. The towering Obelisk of Progress, a modern-day marvel, symbolises Cavictorens' journey towards a more progressive future.   A short trip away from Cavictorens lies Sabliona, a city famous for its Glass Sand Beaches. These beaches shimmer under the sun, and folklore tells a tale of a fallen star that transformed the sand into glass overnight. Whether truth or legend, the beaches of Sabliona, especially at sunset, are a sight that beckons travellers from across the world.   The town of Prethens, known as the 'Town of Bridges', is a must-visit, adorned with over a hundred bridges, each uniquely designed and rich in history. The annual Bridges Festival, where each bridge is illuminated with thousands of lanterns, is a spectacle worth witnessing.   In the idyllic village of Ayorspa, every house is an art canvas. The residents, predominantly of the B’ogbaw ethnic group, have a tradition of painting their homes with intricate designs every spring, turning the entire village into a vibrant open-air art gallery. It's a delightful manifestation of their commitment to keeping their heritage alive amidst the changing demographics.   Toriben has been the birthplace of many notable personalities. The renowned philosopher, Albir Strassen, hailed from Vellus. His thought-provoking treatises on progress and tradition have influenced political discourse throughout the Empire. Nera Vertas, a famous explorer born in Browskat, is celebrated for her daring journeys into the uncharted lands of the continent. Lastly, the world-renowned painter, Sefina Ravel, was born in Easingwes. It is said that the painted houses of her hometown inspired her award-winning works.   In Toriben, the fusion of the old and the new creates a dynamic cultural landscape that is as inviting as it is intriguing: the promise of a unique experience awaits every visitor to this progressive corner of Beurin.

Crest of House Yalsondo



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