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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Canapofli   CITIES: Reashee   TOWNS: Uvayu, Bod Brodyz, Escarmynch, Sinoozvol, Chyarvi Mobo   VILLAGES: Preduntubos, Churmahyur, Freheya, Surnbhansoci, Postorb, Mi Vom Moom  
  Arra, largely an inland region, boasts bountiful farmland nurtured by the Géx tribe, who speak a unique dialect of Hezdel. This region breathes life into Del's agricultural economy, primarily through its cultivation of rare, engineered plants like the bioluminescent Voznheb (Glowvine), the highly nutritious Trukhlep fruit, and the medicinal Shlahin root, which is known to have potent pain-relieving properties.   The capital of Arra, Canapofli, is a bustling trade hub. Unlike most cities, it retains a tribal character infused with modern functionality. Tall structures made of local hardwood tower over the marketplaces, decorated with intricate totemic symbols that narrate the stories of the Géx tribe and their Ntúazí faith. The city is largely transient, with many of its dwellers being traders and visitors. Still, a significant minority are permanent residents, such as shopkeepers, artisans, and religious functionaries.   Three towns of particular interest in Arra are Uvayu, Sinoozvol, and Chyarvi Mobo.   Uvayu is the centre for cultivating the rare Voznheb, providing a mesmerizing sight when the vine fields glow under the moonlit sky. Sinoozvol is a bustling town known for its vibrant marketplace where traders from different regions exchange goods, ideas, and stories. Chyarvi Mobo, nestled in a dense forest, is famous for its artisans who carve exquisite totems and artifacts from wood and Shlahin root.   Arra has given birth to some notable individuals. Hervulo Mahz is the pioneering botanist who first engineered the Voznheb and Trukhlep plants, revolutionizing Arran agriculture and bringing prosperity to the region. Umi Svonkyz, a master artisan from Chyarvi Mobo, is renowned for her intricate woodwork that has found its way to several far-off lands, spreading the unique aesthetic of the Géx tribe and contributing to Arra's cultural influence.
Blazon of Tribe Yán


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