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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Eciaan   CITIES: Costidef, Ittina   TOWNS: Wicha, Riesfica, Broos, Inedercana, Tothi, Mathbedarmay   VILLAGES: Ezzebis, Mahdurla Bhagay, Booloo, Ghuya, Wthray, Chly Chras, Abhadajadbrab  
  Copolo is an inland prefecture and the heartland of the Géx tribe, which contributes to the region's rich tradition of oral storytelling and communal spirit. It is characterized by its rolling hills, lush green meadows, and groves of ancient trees. Copolo is the home of the Géx dialect of the Hezdel language.   The capital of Copolo, Eciaan, is a city nestled within a grand ancient forest. Built entirely out of sustainable wood, Eciaan is known for its treehouses called Ghunbris - large wooden structures built around the trunks of giant, ancient trees. Rope bridges, known as Idreeta, connect these Ghunbris, creating an intricate network of aerial paths. It is said that one can cross the entire city without setting foot on the ground.  
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  Ittina is home to the Melymus, a grand amphitheater made entirely of carved wood. It serves as a central gathering place where storytellers, musicians, and performers from all over Del come to entertain and share their stories. Riesfica, known for its lush vineyards, produces some of the finest wines in Delhiza, the Ghudy Vollo red wine being the most sought after. The village of Wthray is famous for its artisans who weave intricate tapestries using dyes derived from local plants, depicting the myths and stories of the Ntúazí spirits.   Two individuals from Copolo have gained fame beyond their homeland. Veddin Muswhe is a master storyteller from Eciaan, known for his evocative tales that bring to life the legends of the Ntúazí. His tales are said to inspire dreams that reveal one's spirit guardian. Liraya Uchaa, a vintner from Riesfica, is celebrated for her innovative wine-making techniques that have led to the creation of Ghudy Vollo. Her wines are said to capture the essence of Copolo's rich lands.

Blazon of the Tribe Yö́ˈdí



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