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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Abhaprigu   CITIES: Indulogyps   TOWNS: Muno, Surto, Bappi, Masscala, Durmeeths   VILLAGES: Jhad Jhad, Meresk, Nibur, Parwaska, Brinbrin, Balinohen  
  Ersalgo is home to the Tribe Yónd, located in the northeastern part of Del. It is characterized by its towering cliffs, meandering rivers, and a variety of flora and fauna unique to the region. The residents of Ersalgo are known for their resilience and adaptability, having thrived in a region with such rugged landscapes. They are also skilled climbers, a trait fostered by the geography of their lands.   The capital, Abhaprigu, is located on the edge of a towering cliff overlooking the Sea of Svarungh. The city is known for its magnificent terrace farms, or "Choskah," which are carved into the side of the cliffs. These terraces, layered like a giant's staircase, are home to a unique variety of plants called Rinshal, a climbing vine with bright orange flowers and plump, edible berries. The berries of Rinshal, known as Yoben, have a sweet and tart flavor, making them a prized ingredient in the local cuisine.   Indulogyps, one of the main cities, is located at the confluence of two rivers and is well known for its bustling markets, or Boseths. These markets are famous for a wide variety of goods, especially Sibhin, a fabric woven from a plant of the same name found only in Ersalgo. The town of Surto, nestled in a valley, is known for its annual Mirthha Festival, celebrating the Ntúazí spirits of harvest and fertility. Finally, the village of Brinbrin is renowned for its talented blacksmiths, who are reputed to forge the sharpest blades in all of Delhiza.   Two figures of note from Ersalgo include Lari Bendo, an explorer from Abhaprigu who mapped much of Delhiza, and Brilna Mere, a weaver from Indulogyps. Lari Bendo's detailed maps have been invaluable to traders and travellers, while Brilna Mere's exquisite Sibhin tapestries are sought after by art connoisseurs from across the continent.

Blazon of the Tribe Yónd



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