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Caelum Prime (Kay-el-um Prīm)

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  • Grassland (area: 174K mi2)
  • Taiga (area: 125K mi2)
  • Wetland (area: 90K mi2)
  • Temerate Deciduous Forest (area: 108K mi2)
  • Tropical Seasonal Forest (area: 67K mi2)
  • Temerate Rainforest (area: 55K mi2)
  • Savanna (area: 54K mi2)
  • Cold Desert (area: 47K mi2)
  • Tropical Rainforest (area: 30K mi2)
  • Hot Desert (area: 28K mi2)
  • Tundra (area: 22K mi2)
  • Mountains (rough area of 105K mi2)
  • Total Land Area: 905K mi2
These land areas only take up about 20 percent of the surface area. The other 80 percent of the surface area is covered with water, whether it's salt water oceans, or freshwater rivers and lakes.


Each geographic feature (biome) has its own distinct ecosystem. Each ecosystem is similiar, if not exactly like, to Earth's ecosystem. This includes flora, fauna, and everything that makes up the ecosystem to keep it in balance.   Humans, for the most part, have kept a good balance with the ecosystem they live in. The only times that this balance was truly disrupted by them was during the Industrial Era, the Space Era and the Era of War and Reversions. But balance began to be restored near the end of this last era. By the Apocalypse Shadows Era balance was restored because Humans had reverted to an almost pre-industrial time. And what remained of the Industiral side of things has been engineered to be good for the planet.

Ecosystem Cycles

Same as Earth.


Depends on which location one lives at. Cold Desert is going to have colder temperature and more snow than a tropical rainforest. The high up one is in the mountains will effect the climate one has to deal with.   Overall, climate is the same as Earth. Though by the Apocalypse Shadows Era global warming has reversed itself to the point that it looks like the ozone has almost completely healed itself. For the most part, each area has a stable climate year. Any deviances from this will be marked in the appropriate area.

Fauna & Flora

Same as Earth's just with different names. View the Flora and Fauna articles for more information.

Natural Resources

Same as Earth's.   Things like wood from the forests, stone, gems and other natural resources from mountains and the crust, grain from agriculture, and meat from wild and domesticated fauna.


Caelum Prime: A Beacon of Harmony Fractured
Earth's Descent
by Lady Wynter
Just as on countless worlds before, humanity on Earth strayed from the path of righteousness. The once-vibrant planet choked under the weight of war, famine, and despair. Gloombringers, demonic entities unleashed by the embodiment of discord, the Disharmonia, reveled in the chaos, twisting hearts and minds towards destruction.
A Spark of Hope Preserved
Infinite Grace, the benevolent creator god, surveyed the devastation with a heavy heart. Yet, amidst the darkness, a flicker of hope remained. A small group of 333 humans, diverse in their beliefs, held fast to principles that resonated with Infinite Grace's own: Compassionate Living, Spiritual Exploration, Service to Others, and Acceptance of Diversity. Notably, 33 of these humans carried a fading echo of the once-thriving Egyptian religion, a testament to humanity's capacity for spiritual exploration, even in the face of oblivion.
Exodus to Caelum Prime
Recognizing the potential for these chosen few, Infinite Grace orchestrated a daring rescue. He transported them to Caelum Prime, a pristine world teeming with life, a haven untouched by the Disharmonia's influence. Here, they could rebuild a society based on their core tenets.
A Tapestry of Nations
Driven by their core values, the 333 humans embarked on a journey of exploration across Caelum Prime. Each group, shaped by their unique experiences and belief systems, established distinct settlements. Over generations, these settlements blossomed into 31 sovereign nations, each a vibrant thread woven into the tapestry of Caelum Prime.
The Eternals: Guardians of Harmony
by Lady Wynter
Knowing the Disharmonia's relentless nature, Infinite Grace manifested the Eternals – celestial warriors imbued with immense power to defend against the Gloombringers. These formidable protectors stood vigilant, safeguarding Caelum Prime for millennia.
A Breach in the Defenses
The Eternals held strong, repelling the Gloombringers' overt assaults. However, the Disharmonia, ever cunning, began to subtly influence Caelish society. Whispers of discord, prejudice, and greed arose, chipping away at the foundation of unity established by the core tenets. The Gloombringers, seizing this opportunity, found a new way to infiltrate Caelum Prime. This time, they came not as rampaging demons, but as insidious whispers, manipulating vulnerabilities and exploiting societal divisions.
The Shadow of the Egyptian Legacy
The once vibrant Egyptian faith, brought by the 33 humans, had faded over generations on Caelum Prime. Though remnants of their reverence for the interconnectedness of all things lingered in some cultures, it no longer held the power to be a strong counterpoint to the Disharmonia's influence.
A New Threat Emerges
The Gloombringers, ever-evolving, have unleashed a terrifying new weapon: monstrous mongrels, twisted hybrids of the native Caelish fauna and the essence of the Disharmonia. These creatures are ferocious and relentless, driven by a hunger to consume. Additionally, the insidious whispers have given rise to a horrifying phenomenon – the Eaters. These are once-living Caelish people who have succumbed to the Disharmonia's influence, their bodies and minds corrupted into mindless, flesh-consuming creatures.
A Call to Unity
With the threat more dire than ever, the Caelish people must rediscover the core tenets that brought them to Caelum Prime. They must confront their differences and find strength in their diversity. Perhaps, by rediscovering the forgotten wisdom of the Egyptians – the interconnectedness of all things – they might find the key to defeating the Disharmonia's influence and overcoming this terrifying new threat.
Curent Population: 26.5m


  • Caelum Prime

Articles under Caelum Prime

Cover image: by Lady Wynter

Ancient Era

0 AE to 1100 AE

A time of myth, legend, and the establishment of foundational civilizations.

Dark Ages

1401 DA to 1600 DA

A time of decline, societal upheaval, and the waning of knowledge and enlightenment.

  • 22 Solaris 1455 DA to 16 Cerulean 1487 DA
    First War of the Roses
    Military: War

    Fighting over who controls Commonwealth of Edria

  • 1 Aurora 1500 DA to 30 Solstice 1510 DA
    Guardian Solace is built
    Construction beginning/end

    Guardian Solace is founded in the Commonwealth of Edria. The Doomsday Codex comes to rest there.

Arcane Renaissance

1601 AR to 1900 AR

The resurgence of magical arts and mystical knowledge, leading to a renewed interest in the arcane.

Industrial Era

1901 IE to 2300 IE

The rise of technology and industry, blending with the continued influence of the supernatural.

  • 1 Nocurnalis 1910 IE
    Vision 8: Express Death
    Criminal Activity

    Mysterious deaths happen on a luxury train.

  • 28 Halcyon 1914 IE to 11 Nocurnalis 1918 IE
    The War of Ash: First World War
    Military: War

    The first major global conflict that has engulfed the nations of Caelum Prime.

  • 11 Cerulean 1925 IE
    Vision 9: A Dark Smile
    Life, Career

    An innocent clown learns the true history of clowns... one that is dark.

  • 1 Harvestide 1936 IE to 2 Harvestide 1945 IE
    The War of Two Suns: Second World War
    Military: War

    Many said this war between the nations of Caelum Prime would the ‘war to end all wars.’ But, ultimately, it didn’t have that effect.

  • 11 Nocrunalis 1945 IE
    A Global Union
    Political event

    The nations of Caelum Prime come together to create the Cosmic Concordance, in the hopes that war wouldn’t break out again.

  • 26 Verdantia 1950 IE
    Vision 10: The Hanging Tree
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The children of a small town are found hanged on a tree. When the tree is torn down a small coffin is discovered. Within is the desiccated corpse believed to be the child of the witch the townspeople lynched years ago.

  • 20 Harvestide 1985 IE
    Vision 11: The Phantom Door
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    A brother and sister find an old door in their basement that wasn't there before.

  • 2 Aurora 1990 IE
    Vision 12: Obligation
    Life, Death

    A child's imaginary friend is not imaginary.

  • 1 Crimosnfall 1995 IE
    Vision 13: Gone Wrong
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    A game of truth or dare among friends goes horribly wrong.

    Starwood Ranch
  • 16 Zephyria 1998 IE
    Vision 14: The Tower
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    A Roman tower that kills everyone who enters.

  • 29 Luminalis 2000 IE
    Vision 15: The Hand that Feeds
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    A man in a hospital thinks he’s ridding the world of evil, when in fact, the doctor has turned him into a cannibal.

  • 11 Harvestide 2001 IE
    Vision 16: Sky High
    Life, Milestone

    A woman wakes to find that she has been granted the power of the Eternals and is tasked by Infinite Grace to hunt Gloombringers . The only problem: She is afraid of heights.

  • 14 Luminalis 2002 IE
    Space Race Begins

    GalactiTech is established and makes a big break through in technology that will get Humans into space.

  • 3 Frostember 2011 IE
    Vision 17: The Whispering Expanse
    Disaster / Destruction

    Something ancient rises from an old pond

  • 1 Aurora 2013 IE
    Vision 18: Calibridge Citadel
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    A ghost seeks peace by inhabiting the live of unsuspecting readers, unaware that her tale has become legend.

  • 29 Solaris 2015 IE
    Vision 19: Come Again
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    “He’s been dead for ten years,” said the little old lady with concerned filled eyes.

    Apartment 3B
  • 12 Halcyon 2017 IE
    Vision 20: Nemesis
    Life, Supernatural

    A young gamer is invited to beta test the horror game Nemesis. But not everything is as it seems.

  • 13 Cerulean 2020 IE
    Vision 21: Twilight's Heritage
    Life, Relocation

    A young woman learns a secret about herself, one kept by her father and his twin brother, after her uncle disappears mysteriously.

    The Night Lands
  • 16 Crimsnfall 2022 IE
    Vision 22: Faith and Vampyres
    Life, Milestone

    A priest is a vampire.

  • 31 Nocurnalis 2023 IE
    Vision 23: A Hallows' House
    Life, Milestone

    On All Hallows’ Eve, a year after the murder/suicide of her kids and husband, a grief-stricken woman flees from her obsessive lover into a special house that only appears three days a year. She must face the ghost of her abusive husband to escape before it disappears on All Souls Day… or be forever trapped.

  • 3 Harvestide 2025 IE
    Banshee Corporation Founded
  • 2 Frostember 2025 IE
    Vision 24: Bridal Bridge
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    A young woman returns to the Hollow Coast Bridge on her anniversary to dance with her husband’s ghost.

  • 17 Zephyria 2026 IE
    Financial Event

    GalactiTech is upgraded to 2.0

  • 15 Solistice 2026 IE
    Vision 25: When the Wind Blows
    Military: Battle

    When a storm blows in, there are those who stand guard to fight the aliens who come on the wind.

    Safe Harbor
  • 8 Solaris 2030 IE
    Vision 26: Shipwrecked
    Life, Supernatural

    An old shipwreck washes ashore and leaves as a ghost ship with a new passenger.

    Whispering Port
  • 21 Cerulean 2050 IE
    Take Over
    Financial Event

    Banshee Corporation's CEO Violet Belle Marsh takes over the reins of the company

  • 21 Verdantia 2075 IE
    Vision 27: Train Forty-Two
    Disaster / Destruction

    A lone survivor of a horrific train crash sees the ghosts of some of the passengers everywhere he goes. Some tell him the crash wasn’t an accident.

  • 25 Solistice 2126 IE to 5 Aurora 2126 IE
    Vision 28: Serial Illumination
    Criminal Activity

    A holiday is around the corner, but a deadly secret is hidden in a child’s bedroom.

  • 1 Aurora 2195 IE to 30 Solaris 2200 IE
    Second War of the Roses
    Political event

    There was a five way tie for the position of Prime Minister. This war had more to do with political ideology, negative campaigning, and attack ads. The war ended in 2200 when Queen Victoria II took control and reinstated the monarchy’s rightful power to govern. She resurrected the class system.

  • 5 Halcyon 2300 IE
    Financial Event

    Guardian Solace sold to current ruler of the Commonwealth of Edria

    Guardian Solace

Space Era

2301 SE to 2750 SE

The exploration of outer space and the incorporation of cosmic elements into daily life.

  • 9 Harvestide 2350 SE
    Another Upgrade
    Financial Event

    GalactiTech 2.0 is upgraded to 3.0

  • 23 Halcyon 2400 SE to 20 Cerulean 2407 SE
    The Schism: Third World War
    Military: War

    A war that not many were surprised had started/happened. It was one that had horrible and lasting repercussions.

  • 12 Cerulean 2500 SE
    Vision 29: The Broken Society
    Life, Milestone

    Young Kit refuses to join a secret society but is stuck on a ship with them.

  • 25 Solaris 2550 SE
    Coming Together
    Scientific achievement

    Caelum Prime (minus one country) comes together to build the colony ship, SSCP Ripper Star

  • 1 Aurora 2600 SE

    Ripper Star is launched

  • 6 Cerulean 2750 SE
    Turn Away

    Caelum Prime turns away from space colonization due to lack of contact with SSCP Ripper Star

War And Reversions

2751 WAR to 2950 WAR

A period of conflict and regression, where advancements are lost, and the world faces upheaval.

  • 21 Harvestide 2775 WAR
    Luminaire League Dissolved

    Union of kingdoms/countries is dissolved

  • 23 Solistice 2942 WAR to 3 Verdantia 2950 WAR
    The Cinder War: A World Shattered (Fourth World War)
    Military: War

    Final war that fragments Caelum Prime into smaller pieces that don't communicate with each other.

  • 9 Verdantia 2950 WAR

    Cosmic Concordance is dissolved after WW4 for lack of effectiveness.

  • 1 Luminalis 2950 WAR
    Vision 30: Shadows Disentombed
    Discovery, Exploration

    Archeologists unearth ruins on the planet Nisa. Excited to discover a previously unknown civilization, they press on into the depths. Their activities disturb the thing hibernating within.


Apocalypse Shadows

2951 AS to 3000 AS

The climax of the overarching narrative, leading to cataclysmic events and the unraveling of the world.

  • 25 Solistice 3000 AS
    New Era
    Era beginning/end

    Josiah Ward reads The Doomsday Codex and starts the apocalypse, which starts the new era.


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