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Harmony Veil


A open, neverending plain of pink grass under a purple sky. There are various shrines around this plain.


It is a warm place for the soul to be in. It's always clear and sunny.

Fauna & Flora

For the most part only grass is seen. On occasion a special flower will grow. It's usually only when a soul has a special attachment to a particular flower that it appears. These flowers only stay for the duration that the soul stays.


Infinite Grace created this space for human souls to travel through shortly after it created Cosmic Tapestry.   It did this because it noticed that many souls weren't making the transition into its plane of existence in the Cosmic Tapestry. It created the shrines to be gateways. Most of the shrines have a japanese look to them but the main reason behind that is that Infinite Grace likes the way they look.   A soul comes here after death so that it can accept the fact that it no longer has a body. When ready the soul chooses a shrine and is escorted over to Infinite Grace's plane of existence in the Cosmic Tapestry.   For the most part, Gloombringers┬ácan't enter this space. This is a safe space for souls, that while butts up against the Netherrealm, has no openings to this realm. But Lysandra┬áhas enough strenth to draw a soul through a portal that looks like a shrine. But she can only do this if the soul can't accept that its dead and without a body.
Alternative Name(s)
The Veil
Dimensional, Pocket
Location under

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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