The people who live here fall in the poor class. They either work Guardian Solace, at one of the few businesses in town, or are traders/delivery drivers who are based here.


There is a town council that runs this town. It's comprised of the business owners and a few of the older residents. They make sure that food and such keeps coming in and that everything remains in good repair.


  • Two Roads
  • Houses
  • Tavern
  • Specialty Woodworking
  • A couple of herbal shops
  • Butcher


Old District: This district covers most of the homes of the village. It is where the tavern is, where is where the town council meets before it opens for business.   Three Songs: This is a district of three buildings. One is a woodworking shop and the others two are herbal shops.   Twilight Lane: This district house two big warehouse type buildings. One is the butcher shop/storage. The other is a defunct. No one remembers what it was used for and unknown to the current residents, it is used by bandits as a hideout.


This village cropped up after the Crown took control of Guardian Solace. Though it was over a century before the village truly found its roots. As the Crown got more stingy with how much they wanted to pay, only the butler was retained as a full-time, live-in member. The Cook and maids became daytime workers only.   The town slowly grew but it never got to big, part of this was due to the Crown, part was due the wildness of the place. As this area isn't patrolled often, wildlife and bandits can make living here difficult.

Points of interest

Just outside of the village is Guardian Solace.


Temperate Rainforest

Natural Resources

Wood, flowers, roots, wildlife
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Founding Date
4 Halcyon 2450 SE
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