Glassyard: Known for its glassblowing workshops and factories, Glassyard is where skilled artisans craft exquisite glassware, from delicate vases to ornate chandeliers.   Ghostport: Once a bustling hub for maritime trade, Ghostport now stands as a historic district, its cobblestone streets lined with quaint taverns, antique shops, and tales of Sandao. Tourists visit here hoping to see a ghost or two. Some claim they have and residents just smile at the talk and show the tourists a good time.   South Gate: Serving as one of the main entrances to the city, South Gate is flanked by imposing stone walls and guarded by watchtowers, symbolizing the kingdom's strength and security.   Timberport: A vibrant district bustling with activity, Timberport is home to lumberyards, carpentry workshops, and bustling marketplaces where merchants trade timber and wooden goods.   Castle: Dominating the skyline, the Castle district is centered around the royal palace, a majestic fortress adorned with towers, turrets, and grand halls where the monarch resides and conducts affairs of state.   Saltrock: Just outside the city, Saltrock is famed for its salt mines were salt miners toil beneath the earth to extract this valuable commodity.   Moonhouse: Known for its enchanting architecture and picturesque gardens, Moonhouse is a residential district where affluent nobles and influential figures reside in stately manors and elegant townhouses.   Lostgate: A labyrinthine maze of narrow alleys and winding streets, Lostgate is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, where artisans, merchants, and travelers from distant lands converge to exchange goods and ideas.
Founding Date
19 Aurora 19 AE
Large city
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