Humans and Mongrels live here.   There's a range of classes here from the poor to the wealthy but none are as wealthy as the Duke.   Professions range the gambit based on the era and what businesses there are. Some professions stay consistent such as those needed to run taverns, and the necessary businesses that keep the town running.


This town is controlled by whoever holds the Duke title, which is hereditary. But ultimately, the Commonwealth of Edria controls all laws, taxation, and such.


There are quite a few roads that lead into and out of the town. There are homes for those who have made this their permanent place to live. There are four parks for both permanent residents and visitors to enjoy. The castle is home to the Duke and in later eras is open to tourists. Taverns, hotels, grocery stores, and other shops are set up around town for all to enjoy.


Castleward: This was the first district made at the founding of the town. It was meant to stand alone with the actual town being at least a few miles away.   Old District: This was the original town. The buildings are old, with the old style architecture it was built in (in some cases as close to the original architecture as could be managed). It's a place where one can feel like they've stepped into the past, where one could even relive it.   Darkmire: This district has a dark feel to it as Mongrels have come to set up shop and live here. Humans live and work in this district as well. But most of them either work with the Mongrels, are mad, or have no other choice than to live here. It's the poor section of the town.   Charhill: Mongrels revere this section of town. The park in this district was where Mercy Malichor was born and where Sogath was concieved. This section is also home to the wealthy and the influential shops.




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