Starlight Valley Asylum

Purpose / Function

The Starlight Valley Asylum serves as a haven for individuals with heightened sensitivities to astral energies and supernatural phenomena. It acts as a refuge where such individuals can receive specialized care, develop control over their abilities, and find solace in the understanding community.


The design prioritizes open spaces and natural light, creating an atmosphere of serenity and connection to the astral plane. Symbolic artworks and calming color schemes contribute to a soothing environment conducive to meditation and self-discovery.

Sensory & Appearance

The asylum is characterized by its soothing soundscape, filled with chimes, gentle music, and the rustling of wind through carefully tended gardens. Astral phenomena such as shimmering lights and soft glows are embraced, creating an otherworldly but comforting appearance.


Inhabitants of the Starlight Valley Asylum are individuals with heightened spiritual and supernatural sensitivities. They come from various backgrounds but share the need for understanding and support. Trained staff, including mystics and empathetic caregivers, provide guidance and assistance on their unique journeys of self-discovery.


The architecture of the asylum incorporates materials with a high affinity for astral energy, creating an environment that enhances the spiritual well-being of its inhabitants. Additionally, specially designed meditation spaces and energy-absorbing chambers assist individuals in managing their heightened sensitivities.


The architecture blends elements of traditional mental health facilities with ethereal designs. Tranquil gardens, celestial observatories, and meditation chambers are seamlessly integrated into the structure, fostering a balance between practical treatment and spiritual exploration.


Founded centuries ago by a group of mystics, the asylum has evolved to become a recognized center for the study and care of individuals with unique spiritual and supernatural conditions. Its history is marked by a commitment to understanding and nurturing the gifts of its denizens.   Though there is a wing where people are locked up "For their own good". It is set up slightly away from the main building.


When a fire left the buildings in ruins, and killing the people inside, no one rebuilt. Tourists come here to connect with the past or to see if they can commune with any Ghosts who still reside here.
1900 AR
Founding Date
55 AE
Alternative Names
The Haven, The Place, The Retreat
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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