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The Banding of Oneness, a sacred tradition etched into the tapestry of time, resonates through the ages as a celebration of Infinite Grace and the enduring principles of Eternal Harmony . Originating in the precarious days of the Ancient Era when humanity grappled with survival and sought solace in the teachings of Infinite Grace, this festival stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of community and shared devotion.   In its inception, the festival served as a beacon of hope, a momentary respite from the challenges that beset the human community. As the winds of adversity howled, the Banding of Oneness brought people together, fostering unity, resilience, and a collective commitment to the tenets of Eternal Harmony.   Today, this venerable tradition persists, a living reminder of the journey traversed and the gratitude owed for each passing year. The Banding of Oneness is a time of reflection, an opportunity for the community to pause and remember the profound teachings that guide their lives. It is a collective breath, taken in unison, to express thanks for the challenges overcome and the blessings received.   Beyond the joyous festivities, the Banding of Oneness has evolved to encompass a poignant tribute to the departed. In the dance of flames beneath the night sky, the community gathers to honor those who have embarked on the next phase of their journey. It is a solemn yet celebratory occasion, where memories of loved ones are interwoven with the fabric of the festival.   During the Banding of Oneness, the community engages in rituals that transcend the boundaries of the physical realm. The resonance of prayers, harmonious chants, and the flickering glow of candlelight evoke a sense of connection with Infinite Grace. The festival becomes a conduit, linking the earthly realm with the divine, and each participant is a thread in the intricate tapestry of universal oneness.   The tenets of Eternal Harmony, etched into the hearts of celebrants, guide the proceedings. Universal Oneness, Compassionate Living, Spiritual Exploration, Service to Others, and Acceptance of Diversity form the pillars upon which the festival stands. Through music, dance, shared meals, and heartfelt conversations, the community reaffirms its commitment to these principles, embracing the diversity that makes them whole.   As the Banding of Oneness unfolds each year, the legacy of the Ancient Era endures. It is a celebration that transcends time, a sacred dance that echoes through the ages, drawing humanity into the ever-expanding embrace of Infinite Grace and Eternal Harmony. And so, under the expansive canopy of the night sky, the Banding of Oneness continues, a luminous testament to the enduring spirit of unity, gratitude, and the eternal dance of existence.


It takes place on the same week every year. It includes:
  • Ceremonial Commencement: The festival typically commences with a ceremonial gathering at a central location within the community. Elders and revered figures initiate the proceedings with invocations, recounting the significance of the Banding of Oneness and its connection to the teachings of Infinite Grace.
  • Decorations and Illumination: Homes and communal spaces are adorned with vibrant decorations symbolizing unity and diversity. Intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and symbols reflecting the tenets of Eternal Harmony create a visually striking environment. As evening descends, the entire community comes alive with the soft glow of candles, lanterns, and bonfires.
  • Music and Dance: A central aspect of the Banding of Oneness is the rhythmic pulse of music and dance. Traditional instruments echo through the air, and the community engages in lively dances that celebrate the diversity of their heritage. The joyous movements symbolize the interconnectedness of all beings.
  • Shared Meals and Offerings: Communal feasts play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of togetherness. Families and neighbors come together to share meals, emphasizing the importance of compassionate living and service to others. Offerings are made to honor Infinite Grace, symbolizing gratitude for the abundance received.
  • Prayers and Reflections: Throughout the festival, moments of prayer and reflection punctuate the celebrations. The community gathers for collective prayers, guided by spiritual leaders who lead them in introspective moments, contemplating the essence of the festival's teachings.
  • Memory Ceremonies: A poignant aspect of the Banding of Oneness is the memory ceremonies dedicated to those who have departed. Families gather to share stories, light candles, and offer prayers for their loved ones. It is a time to honor the interconnectedness of life and death.
  • Cultural Exhibitions: The festival often features exhibitions showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of the community. Art, literature, and performances become a canvas for expressing the acceptance of diversity and the exploration of spiritual truths.
  • Environmental Activities: In alignment with the festival's theme of compassionate living, eco-friendly activities and initiatives are integrated. Planting trees, community clean-ups, and other environmentally conscious endeavors symbolize the community's commitment to stewardship of the Earth.
  • Nightly Vigils: As the night deepens, special vigils are held. Participants come together in quiet contemplation, absorbing the serene atmosphere. These moments of silence emphasize the spiritual exploration and the connection between the earthly and divine realms.
  • Culmination and Closing Ceremonies: The Banding of Oneness culminates with closing ceremonies, often marked by a collective expression of gratitude and unity. Participants carry the spirit of the festival forward, fostering a renewed commitment to the principles of Eternal Harmony.
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