A decent mix of Kaldera and Multicultural. Aurelians are usually passing through on their way to or from the Vatican.


Controlled by the Duke of Agria through heavy laws, taxation, and by testing new inniatives here to see how the rest of the population will handle them.


There is a wall that protects the castle and most of the city. There are some buildings outside the walls that slow down incoming forces.

Industry & Trade

Artisan shops: Focus on keeping Kaldera history alive. A few provide necessary tidbits for the Thalara.   Factories/workshops: Produce and make necessary items for workers, buildings and the like with an extreme focus on what the military needs.   Fishermen: Bring in fish and other sea life for consumption and trade.   Traders: Bring in goods made in other cities. Before the borders closed they'd bring in imports from other countries/kingdoms.   Magick shops: Sells the remaining items that a Thalara needs.   Restaurants: Widerange of foods offered, especially before the border closed. The ones near the docks offer the freshest selection of seafood when there is seafood available.   Taverns/Inns: Usually a great place to grab a beer or an old-fashioned mead, along with some old-fashioned stew and brown bread. Great places to hang out with friends, to find games of chance or a place to sleep if you're a visitor.


Roads, docks, castle, houses, warehouses, businesses, factories/workshops, parks, sewers


Castle: The main fortress for the Duke of Agria. This is where he resides in lavish apartments, holds meetings with his military commanders, and throws expensive balls/parities.   North Road: The main road is split in three as it is the gate way into the city for the majority of the country. These roads lead into various warehouses, inns, and marketplaces to sell and store goods, as well as places for merchants to stay. Eventually, all three roads will lead, one to   Low Alley: Rests in the middle of the city. It is an area that is of lower elevation than the rest of the city. This is due to the fact that the area under this portion of the city has been cleared out for military purpose (research primarily). There have been some collapses until they were able to strengthen the area with beams of advanced alloys. On the surface, its a maze of old streets, old buildings, and the most concentrated area for the poor to live.   The Docks: Warehouses and some restaurants line this area. While there are fishermen who go out everyday, this line of work isn't easy as the ownership of the waters is being contested by the Duchy of Agria, the Grand Duchy of Belia, the Kingdom of Lacri, and the Duchy of Bornia.   Hidden Gate: While the is a community just outside the walls around what is called the Hidden Gate, there isn't a way in to the city from western side. At least not for the untrained. There are two types of trained who can get into and out of the city from this side. The first is the military. They have a tunnel from their research facility under Low Alley that leads to the surface at the walls western side, which can open large enough to allow a plane to be towed out. The second is a Kaldera Thalara who can open the walls near the Docks for entring and exiting the city.   Hotside: Outside the walls on the southern side of the castle, it is a a hotbed for criminals. This is many meet to talk, conspire, and plan a way to overthrow the Duke of Agria as well as selling ill-gotten goods.


First Kaldera settlement after the generations of wandering they did, but they clung to their history even as those in charge became power hungry and controlling.

Points of interest

The Castle   The Hidden Gate
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10 Aurora 10 AE
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