Old Ward: This was the original settlement for the city. Visiting here is like stepping into the past, with its narrow cobblestone streets and architecture that transports you back to the days of old. There are quaint shops here for people to browse and buy gifts or even sit and eat alfresco for lunch.   Castle: This is where the Grand Duke/Grand Duchess┬áresides and rules from.   Redwater: This district is a shady district, best known for the legend of the Red Fountain. This legend of how a fountain sprayed red water that resembled blood and ran unchecked through the streets. It draws tourists to the area but the unmindfull will usually find themselves relieved of their money and belongs... and a few have lost their lives.   Cloudchurch District: This district is named after the fluffy white flowers that look like clouds. It was decided that this was a great place for a Harmony Sanctuary┬áto be established.   Cherry Horn: This district is where the nobles live. It's marked by lavish homes and large enclosed gardens.   Middle Vale: This district is a mix of middle class homes, shops and restaurants.
Founding Date
31 Aurora 31 AE
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