The Nine Villages


Old Town: This was the original settlement founded by Amaya McFeyre under orders from King Liam. Architecture here still reflects the late 1700s/early 1800s, streets are lined with cobblstones while a few are still dirt. One can find a charming old tavern or an artisan shop that specializes in the hard to find items.   The Pole: This district is closet to Duncan's Tower. Here you'll find the leader of Clan McFeyre and the Keeper of Tales. Sometimes these two positions are held by the same person. There are charming cottages in this district as well as a few businesses that cater to tourists.   Silkrest: This districts bustles with industry of silk and sheep.


Founded by Amaya McFeyre under orders from King Liam to keep guard over Duncan's Tower, keeping them out. The Nine Villages started as a core collection of houses just south of the tower supported by the sheep herders left in the area.   In the beginning, everyone stayed out of the tower but as time went on, new people to the area didn't believe the tales they heard. Those who went into the tower never came back. It was one of Amaya McFeyre grandchildren who first learned that they could show people Duncan McFeyre's tale. This grandchild became the first Keeper of Tales.   The Keeper of Tales is an honored citizen of the town and has played a strong role in its defence and guarding of Duncan's Tower.

Points of interest

Duncan's Tower just north of the town.
Founding Date
9 Frostember 1801 AR
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