Bright Streets: This district is characterized by bright colored awning, flags and building murals. It's a place that is full of gaity, street fairs and open markets.   The Port: This is a busy district with ships and boats, at all times of the of the day and night. Warehouses for both fish and dry goods are here and proccessed before being shipped out to various establishments in the city or around the Duchy. There are several speciality restaurants, most of them also provide an excellent view of the water.   Cherry Ring: Many people are astounded by the circle of Cherry Trees that ring this district. It's a district with only a few grand homes and plenty of park area that is open to the public.   Old District: This is the original settlement. This is where the Harmony Sanctuary was built. It has seen many renovations but the heart of it still stands and it still tends to the flock that comes. There are several original cottages which have been turned into museums for tourists to visit.   Eastern Civinia: A lot of trade comes through this gate, especially from the Duchy of Bornia. It's a busy gate with several warehouses inside and outside the walls.   Stormlight Road: This tends to be a dark area in general but it does come alive at night. This district is known for the clubs, casinos, stripclubs, and late night specialty restaurants. The outer neighborhoods are unsafe to linger in but they are the only way to get into the center where all the action is and nightlife is.   Scribes Cliff: This is a dedicated area for writers and other artists. There is a grocery store here that delivers food as well as motivation to those who live in this district.   High Ward: This is a small district that has several mansions spread around for the nobles of the Grand Duchy of Belia¬†who are wanting a summer retreat or for those who have retreated from the ruling body of nobles.   Glass Vale: This district is known for it shops that sell glassblown artwork as well as their workshops.   Dawngate: Known for the being the best place to see the sunrise.   The Shrine: This district is the smallest out of the district and is right next to the Port, on the southern end. It is a place of perpetual silence occasionally punctuated by crying. There is a statue of a faceless sailor erected here where those who lost someone to the sea can come to remember and honor their lost loved ones.
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12 Frostember 950 AE
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