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Eternal Island


The island is relatively flat and is a Tropical Seasonal Forest. As an island, it is surrounded on all sides by water. It sits in the middle of Arborsor Bay. The only way to the island is by boat or by plane. It has no rivers or lakes and the bay is saltwater. The Vatican has honed and advanced technology where it concerns purifying saltwater into drinkable water.   While much of this location as been cleared, and built upon, there is some great views. A small portion of the land has been left untouched, a natural habitat for the flora and fauna that live here. This area (and what lives in it) is under the protection of the Vatican by edict of the Pope of Vatican.   The biggest points of interest are:


The ecosytem is a mixture of woodlands, such as trees that layered three thick. Some plants have thorns. Mamamels, such as primates, birds, reptiles, insects are a part of this system as they've adapted to living here. It is a harmonious cycle between all that sustains the system.


It is general warm here, and humid. Average summer temps range between 80 to 100 degrees fahrenheit, with 'winter' temps ranging in low 50s to high 60s. Three months out of the year is the raining season where they typically get at least 39 inches of rain.


This island was unihabitated until the Vatican claimed the island for themselves, requesting to be an independent city state within the Duchy of Agria. They built a grand version of a Harmony Sanctuary after clearing most of the land. Near the middle of the island they found Eternal's Haven. They built around this, expanding the path (which became Pilgrim's Path) from the makeshift (eventually permeant) harbor to the Haven. They built Aurelia Lighthouse at the harbor because of their reverence for her and they view her a a beacon of light. The lighthouse helps guide ships and boats into the harbor of Celestial Bay. Around the Vatican is the Divine Gardens which as grown over the centuries and is lovingly tended to by the Bishops and Priests who are studying and learning at the Vatican.
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