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  • Pope
  • Secretary of State
  • Seven Congregations
  • Seven Councils
  • Treasurer

Public Agenda

The study of Infinite Grace and Gloombringers.


The Vatican Museums: A vast collection of art and historical artifacts, including masterpieces by renowned artists and treasures from various cultures.   The Vatican Library: A repository of an extensive collection of manuscripts, books, and historical documents, including some of the oldest known manuscripts of the Bible.   Vatican Gardens: Beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the Vatican City, providing a peaceful retreat for meditation and reflection.   Financial Investments: The Vatican has substantial financial investments, including properties, stocks, and bonds.


While those who worship here have upheld the public agenda over the years, another agenda grew: To hunt down, torture and kill Gloombringers and those possessed by them. They also hunt down anything they consider evil like Vampyres (there's one exception to this last one) and malevolent Ghosts. This agenda is a hidden agenda.

For the preservation of Infinite Grace

Founding Date
3 Zephyria 100 AE
Religious, Holy Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Palace economy
Divine Gardens: Meticulously cultivated gardens surrounding the Vatican, filled with symbolic plants and statues representing aspects of faith.   Aurelia Lighthouse: A lighthouse named after Aurelia, it guides ships safely to the shores of Eternal Island.   Pilgrim's Path: A sacred route that pilgrims take, marked by stations representing significant events in the island's religious history. This ends at   Eternal's Haven: A serene enclave where important Eternals are believed to have resided or performed miracles, drawing pilgrims from far and wide.   Celestial Bay: A picturesque bay believed to have been blessed by divine forces.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
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Neighboring Nations
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