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Eternal Harmony

Mythology & Lore

The belief is that once upon a time humans lived togother in harmony, and everything was tightly intereconnected. All of this was on a green, fertile world that saw no strife, no wars, no faminine. Nothing bad happened on this world that is known as Earth. It is said that when darkness came the humans didn't know how to defend against it. When this happened Infinite Grace collected the best of the humans and created Caelum Prime. Eternals, like Eternal Aurelia, help stand watch against the Gloombringers who caused such destruction on Earth.

Divine Origins

This religion started at the beginning of human concisousness. Infinite Grace guided humans so that eventually they formed communities, sanctuaries, and orders.

Cosmological Views

The understanding of its followers, known as 'Harmonites', is that life is interconnected and is guided by Infinite Grace.   Heaven = Cosmic Tapestry   Hell = Netherrealm    Purgatory is Harmony Veil

Tenets of Faith

Central tenets include:
  1. Universal Oneness: Harmonites belive that everything in the universe is connected by Infinite Grace's dvine presence, fostering a sense of unity and shared responisiblity for the well-being of all beings.
  2. Compassionate Living: Harmonites are encouraged to embody the qualities of Infinite Grace, showing compassion, forgiveness, and understanding in their interactions with others and the world around them.
  3. Spiritual Exploration: Eternal Harmony encourages spiritual exploration and individual growth. Harmonites engage in practices such as meditation, prayer, and self-reflection to deepen thier connection with Infinite Grace.
  4. Service to Others: Harmonites are uged to engage in acts of selfless service, helping those in need and promoting social justice, guided by the principle that by serving others, they serve Infinite Grace.
  5. Acceptance of Diversity: The religion celebrates the diversity of beliefs and cultures, fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect for all indviduals.


There is a caveat to the last tenet. This religion is at odds with the Egyptian religion as it is filled with too much conflict and not enought love. Plus, with the Egyptian belef that almost everything will die and return to Nun, it angers Infinite Grace that they beleive human life will cease to exist.   That being said, the teaching inspire individuals to find peace within themselves, embrace the interconnectedness of all life, and contribute positively to the greater hamony of the universe.


Harmonites can practice anywhere as tenets 2 and 4 encourage this.   One can attend a Harmony Sanctuary for prayer, meditation, and communal acts of kindness.   There are also festivals and ceremonies held to honor Infinite Grace's presence in thier lives and express their gratitude for the interconnectedness of all existence.


While the main (overarching) branch is in control of the Harmony Sanctuaries and the Harmonia , there are two sects who have whole dedicated themselves to Infinite Grace and to the study of Gloombringers. These are the Vatican  and the Benedictine Monks.   The belief is that these were founded on Caelum Prime because a few of the humans from Earth were members of these organizations.

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  • Caelum Prime
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2 Aurora 0 AE
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