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A plane beyond mortal perception, an abyss where shadows dance and chaos reigns. The very fabric of reality seems to warp and twist in response to the malevolent forces that hold sway over this dimension.   ~ Unknown Author


A haunting expanse shrouded in perpetual twilight. A twisted sky emanates black and red casting eeire shadows. Rivers of inky blackness meandering through the landscape. It is a bleak place to live but Gloombringers find it beautiful. It is the one place they love being above all other places.   While there are some flora, such as a few trees that survive in this place, it is a place that made of obsidian and lava. It's a harsh place that only Gloombringers survive in. The Humans captured and brought here don't last long because they can't feed off the dark energies like Gloombringers do. The only exception to this the human woman who holds Disharmonia. Her soul has been altered to feed of the dark energies so that can live, but this has caused her mind to fracture. It's been a long time since she's been able to claim a link to humanity.

Fauna & Flora

Trees with twisted, gnarled branches, oozing black tar and maroon blood, usually are leafless, but those that have some are jagged, easily cutting the unwary. These trees have their roots deep in the obsidian and lava and have adapted to live off the nutrients in these as well as draw what they need from the dark energies that energize this realm.


Veils of shadowy mist drift through the air, obscuring the true depths of the Netherrealm. These veils are said to hold echoes of the past and future, swirling with the residual energies of countless dark deeds.   The air itself seems alive with whispers—a cacophony of voices that speak of ancient pacts, forbidden knowledge, and the insatiable hunger of the shadows (This is Disharmonia speaking).   This realm started out small because the dark energies of the Disharmonia could only extend so far. After it created Mordred the first Gloombringer, it was able to start expanding its realm. Each additional Gloombringer adds to the dark energies and the expansion of the realm.   It was able to grow even stronger when it started sowing chaos on Earth. Eventually, it was able to take over the Milky Way when Infinite Grace pulled out and created Cosmic Tapestry.


Sinister spires and ominous citadels rise from the shadowy ground, crafted from a substance that appears to be a melding of obsidian and shadowstuff. These structures are eternally wreathed in darkness, symbols of the Gloombringers' dominion over this realm.
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